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Due to its diversity, the country combines everything a traveler needs with serenity and adventure being in the spotlight. However, Indonesia is not all about tropical beaches. In fact, the country has many things that its visitors are able to enjoy and explore. Here are some of the top things to do in Indonesia that can transform your holidays into an outstanding and spectacular trip.


Surfing in Kuta

kuta surfing

South of Bali, there is a stunning beach called Kuta Beach. What makes this location special is that there is a strip of beach that rests on a sand bar. This particular feature enables smooth rolling waves which are ideal for surfing beginners. The area has many surfing instructors who will teach visitors the basics of surfing. In addition, the facilities nearby the beach make available sponge boards for those who wish to experience some extra fun and excitement. Kuta Beach is also a perfect spot to enjoy idyllic sunsets and refreshing cocktails. During the night, the nearby beach bars and restaurants are ready to pamper guests by providing mouth-watering flavours and exotic drinks.


Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

The Republic of Indonesia is an excellent place for those who wish to immerse themselves into the Buddhist tradition and for those who wish to admire the Buddhist architectural style due to the variety of temples that the country has. However, there is one particular temple that visitors should definitely visit. The Borobudur temple can be found in the city of Megelang in Central Java. The temple is listed among UNESCO’s Sites of World Heritage as it was constructed during the 9th century. The monument thrills every visitor due to its size, shape and importance. More precisely, the temple has a central dome which is surrounded by 72 sculptures of the Buddha. It has to be noted that Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and a must-visit attraction.


Cultural exploration in Ubud

Cultural exploration in Ubud

The city of Ubud is located in the broader region of Bali and is known for being the cultural capital and a hub for arts in the broader Balinese area. Although not a seaside resort, the city has spectacular landscapes as it is built around rice fields, steep cliffs, and tropical forests. What makes this city special is that multiple galleries are showcasing important works of the most known and prominent Balinese artists. In Bali’s Cultural Centre which is located in Ubud, visitors can watch a new style of Balinese dancing that incorporates many folklore elements, called Tek Tok. Visiting Ubud will be an exceptional opportunity to get engaged with the culture and the tradition of Bali.


Visit the Gili Islands

Gili Islands

Indonesia has an ample sense of serenity and can provide a sense of inner balance due to some tranquil locations that visitors can explore. One of these locations is definitely the Gili Islands which can be accessed via ferry boats from Bali and from the coasts of Lombok city. In fact, this group consists of three different islands which are maintaining the authentic elements and traditions. The largest of the islands is called Gili Trawangan and visitors are impressed by the absence of cars. Spectacular tropical beaches with turquoise waters and white sand can offer you unique moments. Gili Islands form the perfect getaway for those who wish to experience serenity, rejuvenation, and relaxation.


Observe the Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons

Indonesia is also known for being the home of the infamous Komodo Dragons. These animals may be called dragons but, in reality, they form the world’s largest lizards. Their imposing size and their extraordinary abilities can impress visitors as Komodo Dragons have toxic saliva that can kill their prey. The dragons can be found in the Komodo Island which now forms the Komodo National Park. Several scientific programs are taking part there due to the government’s effort to promote the dragons’ conservation. Observing these beasts and understanding their abilities is one of the best things to do in Indonesia.


Scuba diving in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Off the coast of West Papua, there is a group of islands called Raja Ampat that started to gain some popularity during the recent years. Raja Ampat is a pole of attraction for the world’s divers and for those who wish to explore the rich marine life that is found there. Scuba diving in Raja Ampat is a truly spectacular experience as the bottom of the sea hosts an impressive variety of tropical fishes, turtles and rare corals of impeccable beauty. The group of islands called Raja Ampat includes four different islands where travelers will experience from first-hand the authentic lifestyle of the people. An interesting highlight is that some of the islands have some ancient rock paintings demonstrating the existence of an indigenous civilization throughout the centuries.


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