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The capital of the Kingdom of Thailand is often listed as one of the world’s most exciting, vibrant and fascinating cities. Bangkok is often characterized as the city of contradictions and huge differences that has a chaotic atmosphere that lures visitors. Thailand’s capital city is shopping heaven as it has both, luxurious and impressive shopping malls with some of the world’s most reputable brands and traditional street markets. One of the most impressive elements of the city is the imposing skyscrapers which offer spectacular views over every corner of the city. In what regards sightseeing, Bangkok has many options. Among the most known attractions are the Reclining Buddha, the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace and of course many temples. Finally, the city is the birthplace of Thai Massage, therefore spas can be found in almost every corner of the city, providing an impeccable experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.




For those who are searching for a city that generously offers more experiences than sites, Tokyo is an option. The Japanese capital is often characterized as the place to be for the foodies and for those who are passionate about technology. Tokyo embraces its tradition along with modern and attractive features. Imposing skyscrapers and masses of crowds are the city’s basic characteristic and visitors are getting fascinated by both. Despite its size, Tokyo has a well-organized underground transportation network which enables visitors to explore the city properly. Do not miss the chance to taste some mouth-watering sushi plates and visit some open-air markets.




Beijing is one of the top ten cities in the Asian continent due to its numerous must-visit attractions, and its modern and vibrant atmosphere. It is true that getting around is not an easy task since English is not spoken. However, visiting this city is a truly exceptional experience not to be missed. Beijing has many imperial palaces and is the proud host of one of the world’s most known monuments, the Great Wall which is considered one of the greatest man-made wonders of humanity. Sightseeing in Beijing can be intense due to the multiple cultural sites and temples that can be found there and which form excellent examples of Chinese architecture. However, if there is any doubt moment, the Chinese kitchen is ready to take you on a journey like no other with unique flavours and ingredients which are perfectly paired with tradition.




Shanghai is a city like no other in Chine due to its distinct Parisian atmosphere, which is the main reason for calling this city the Paris of the East. Shanghai achieved to be transformed from a seaside fishing village into a modern and lavishing city. It forms a preferable option for shopping enthusiasts as it concentrates the world’s most reputable brands and traditional open-air markets in an all in one package. Palatial buildings and tree-lined avenues offer to the city a flawless Parisian sense throughout. One of Shanghai’s most known and notable landmark is the Oriental Pearl Tower which can be better observed via a boat tour. This spectacular experience will offer to visitors great views of the majestic and modern skyline of the city.




Known also as one of the leading international financial hubs, Hong Kong has a lot more to showcase than people may think. Due to its special status and given its history as being a former British colony, Hong Kong achieved to be characterized as the New York of East. Visitors are thrilled by the city’s ability in combining modern and extravagant elements with traditional and authentic ones. Hong Kong forms a first class destination for the world’s wealthiest people due to the lavishing and ultra-exclusive hotels, the excellent restaurants and the sophisticated boutiques. The mentality of the people is also a surprise as the western attitude and lifestyle in widely spread. In general, Hong Kong has nothing to fear from the biggest metropolises in the world.




For those who are willing to explore Japan’s culture and tradition, Kyoto is the place to be. The city has over a dozen World Heritage Sites and is an excellent option for intense sightseeing and cultural engagement. Kyoto is home to many imperial palaces and monumental religious temples of impeccable architectural beauty. Among the most impressive features of the city are the fields of cherry blossoms and the sophisticated tradition of geishas.




Traveling to India is like opening a window to a whole new world that no one has ever imagined. The country of colours and flavours is better introduced when visiting Mumbai. This city has long served as a British and Portuguese colony but, nowadays maintains a truly spectacular Indian atmosphere. Also known as Bombay, Mumbai is a city full of contradictions. From high-end rich to extreme poverty, Mumbai has everything you need to know about India. An interesting highlight is that the city is the epicenter of the infamous Bollywood film industry. Despite the chaotic situation that is taking place, Mumbai offers some of the finest restaurants in the region and outstanding examples of colonial architecture that add an extra touch of luxury into the city.




The shining capital of South Korea, Seoul, has managed to be evolved since its establishment six centuries ago into a modern, attractive and dynamic Asian city. Especially after the cease fire of the Korean War, Seoul changed dramatically and now is home to imposing skyscrapers, exceptional infrastructure and large shopping malls. In addition to these features, Seoul is listed among the technological metropolises of the world as the state of the art technology is applicable in almost every aspect of everyday and business life.




The independent state of Singapore is another excellent addition in the list with the top 10 cities in Asia. The city is often characterized as an ideal model for all the cities around the world. This is because it perfectly balances modernism, sophistication, technology and culture. Due to the abovementioned elements, Singapore is a pole of attraction for many visitors and a great destination for relocation. In addition, it projects a mesmerizing culinary tradition based on a variety of ingredients and spices. The most interesting fact about Singapore is that it has the largest rooftop pool in the world.




Kuala Lumpur saw its popularity rising due to the development of the Petronas Twin Towers which were listed as the world’s tallest building for several years. The city provides an excellent travel experience as it maintains a combination of cultural influences which are observable since the very first moments. In addition, Kuala Lumpur is a destination ideal for sightseeing and shopping.