Top things to do in Colombia | Traveler by Unique

Let us take a list of top things to do on a visit to Colombia.


1. A visit to coffee plantations

coffee plantation Colombia

Colombia is well recognized for its coffee production and is the third largest producer of the commodity across the world. When at the destination, a tourist comes across several tours to coffee producing facilities, wherein you can enjoy the breathtaking sights with the natural flavours of coffee delighting the senses.

Salento is a little town in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle. A five-kilometer ride takes visitors straight to Finca El Osaco. Over here, experts in coffee-making take visitors through to a guided tour that initiates from coffee grinding and finishes with some exquisite tips on making an excellent cup of coffee. Even while you enjoy some fine coffee over here, you can also take a pack for home to cherish the experiences in Colombia with your friends and family when you’re home.


2. Cafetal de la Trinidad

cafetal de la trinidad Colombia

Cafetal de la Trinidad used to be a well recognized coffee plantation, and is now among the prime destinations in the world for horse riding. It was founded in 1906, started out as a family run coffee plantation and now is considered as an iconic Colombian coffee farm just a couple of hours away from Bogota!

Over the recent few years, Alejandro, the family’s youngest son, along with his partner Anna, have brought the farm back to its full bloom and glory. While the site is merely a couple of hours away from Bogota, it is very different in overall presentation. It is more remote as compared to the capital city, but tourists enjoy the delightful scenery along with the freshness in the locale, as they trek along the countryside on one of the fine horses at the farm.

While the horses graze on the green fields, the tourists can enjoy a picnic in the mountains, and the breathtaking sunset as viewed from the terrain, to complete the itinerary for the day.


3. Cartagena, a prime destination for Scuba Diving

cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is a destination recognized majorly owing to the old city which is walled and the paths along the cobbled streets, along with the colourful balconies of homes. The site also has beautiful underwater flora and fauna and scuba diving over here is an experience like none other.

This stretch along the Caribbean withholds numerous treasures, including the Rosario islands which is a natural reserve made of 43 islands. Scuba Diving over here gives a tourist access to an underwater museum, shipwrecks and coral reefs.

If a tourist is new to scuba diving, he can learn the art at a few of the diving schools in the vicinity. Among the top destinations for scuba diving is the Tierra Bomba Island, which is a short boat ride away from Cartagena. It may even be a fine idea to go snorkelling or swimming over here.


4. Serranía del Perijá, an exquisite site for birdwatching

Serranía del Perijá Colombia

In Colombia, a tourist comes across 1900 bird species, and the country is also one of the prime spots for birdwatching. Along the mountainous border of Venezuela and Colombia is the Perija mountain range, which is well recognized to be the home to a number of endangered bird species.

Many tourists from across the world visit the site just for hours of uninterrupted bird watching at Chamicero Del Perija Reserve. The reserve is located within the mountains along the Andean forest. It is a part of the paramo system, which is an ecosystem specific to the northern Andes.

The sunset over here too is exquisite and from the nearest village, the reserve is a two-hour long drive.


5. Whale watching

whale watching Colombia

Whale watching makes Colombia a prime attraction for tourists who adore marine life. It is a delightful sight for the people from Colombia as well.

The best phases for whale watching when in Colombia are between June and October and the humpback whales are abundant along the Pacific coast of Nuqui, which is located in the Gulf of Tribuga in Choco department. Little boat traffic enables the humpback waves to be present in higher numbers over here.

There are even a few vendors who organize tours for whale watching and take tourists in fiberglass boats for whale watching. The whales can be seen for up to a distance of 200m.

The vendors follow the best practices and do not invade whales’ private space, though the whales approach the boats on their own.