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Acropolis Museum

1596-Acropolis Museum Athens.jpg

The newest addition in the long list of the Athenian museums is, of course, the infamous Acropolis Museum. Due to its collection of exhibits, this museum is listed among the most important of its kind in the world. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the museum welcomes approximately 2 millions of visitors on an annual basis. As its name suggests, the museum hosts all the surviving items of the Acropolis. This particular collection is divided into five different parts, each of them concerning a different historical period.

The Acropolis Museum can attract visitors’ attention since the very first moments due to its sophisticated, elegant and minimal architectural design. The architects designed a museum that would be respectful enough in offering the perfect focus towards the exhibits. The museum features a modern cafeteria and restaurant that provide views over the rock of Acropolis. There, visitors can enjoy delightful recipes and refreshing drinks in one of the world’s most known museums.

Dionysiou Areopagitou 15
Athens 117 42, Greece
+30 210 900 0900


National Archaeological Museum

1601-National Archaeological Museum Athens.jpg

Museum hopping in Athens includes a visit to one of the most important museums that the city has. The National Archaeological Museum is probably one of the largest in terms of exhibits. Among its collections, visitors can observe and admire impressive items from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Moreover, items from the infamous Cycladic, Mycenaean and Roman civilizations can also be found there. The museum itself is hosted in a majestically standing neoclassical building which adds an extra touch of history. It is important to note that, due to the imposing size of the five collections, visitors need hours to properly view all of the exhibits. However, those who wish to proceed with the complete viewing can take a small break at the museum’s cafeteria which is surrounded by olive and lemon trees.

28is Oktovriou 44
Athens 106 82, Greece
+30 213 214 4800


National Museum of Contemporary Art

1602-National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens.jpg

When it comes to the contemporary cultural scene, then Athens has its own Museum of Contemporary Art. This interesting museum is hosted in an impressive building that used to be an old brewery. The museum hosts items and collections from new artists, mainly Greeks. What makes this museum unique is that it forms the only one of its kind in a city that focuses on projecting its rich ancient history. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is an interesting note and adds modern elements in Athens’ museum hopping.

Kallirrois & Frantzi
Athens 117 43, Greece
+30 211 101 9000


Museum of Cycladic Art

1597-Museum of Cycladic Art Athens.jpg

The Museum of Cycladic Art is one of the most interesting museums in Athens. Visitors who have already visited one of the charming Cycladic Islands will probably be more familiar with the collection of exhibits that the museum hosts. Alternatively, Cycladic art captures the visitors’ attention since the very first moment. The museum hosts items that were found and represent the lifestyle, the history and the arts that were developed in the Cycladic civilization during the 3rd millennium BC. Within the museum, there is a shop where visitors can find interesting souvenirs and authentic replicas of the exhibits. The museum has a flawless and generous Cycladic feeling that immerses visitors into an unforgettable journey in time.

Neofitou Douka 4
Athens 106 74, Greece
+30 211 722 8321


Museum of Islamic Art

1599-Museum of Islamic Art Athens.jpg

What is known as the Museum of Islamic Art is, in fact, part of the Benaki network of Museums, which consist of five different complexes of museums. This particular complex is an excellent presentation of the Islamic Art that can be found in Athens. As the city forms one of the most known Christian Orthodox capitals of the world, this museum is an unexpected surprise for the city’s visitors. The collection of exhibits includes among others, textiles, carpets and ceramics which have strong Islamic influences. In general, the museum hosts exhibits from the 12th to the 19th centuries and can be seen as a recommended alternative in a city that focuses mainly on presenting exhibits of Ancient Greece.

Dipilou 12
Athens 105 53, Greece
+30 210 325 1211


Museum of the City of Athens


The Museum of the City of Athens is hosted in the former Greek royal residence of King Otto and Queen Amalia. The couple were the first Greek royals and visitors except for observing the museum’s collection, can also admire the architectural design of this residence and its several rooms. The focus of the museum is placed at the historical period that starts in 1834 and onwards when Athens became the capital city of Greece. Inside the museum, visitors can observe reconstructions of residences for the typical families in Athens during the last two centuries. The Museum of the City of Athens has an exceptional cafeteria and a gourmet restaurant for those who wish to spend their day there. Fine dining options and excellent service will make visitors’ experience unforgettable.

Parnassou 2
Athens 105 61, Greece
+30 210 323 0168


War Museum

1603-war museum Athens.jpg

The museum hopping in Athens can also include a visit to the War Museum. This particular facility serves a particular mean: to remind people that bad days are gone and that they should never come back again. The War Museum hosts an impressive collection from the turbulent times of the country starting from the Mycenaean period until modern history. The museum provides detailed insights into the country’s history and is ideal not only for those who are interested in the political and military affairs but also for those who wish for international peace.

Rizari 2
Athens 106 75, Greece
210 725 2974