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Every year, millions of tourists visit Athens in order to unfold the city’s history and discover its hidden secrets in time. However, apart from history, Athens can be characterized as an all in one city as it has everything that a traveler needs for fascinating and enjoyable holidays. History, culture, shopping, a vibrant nightlife, beaches, and a fine culinary tradition are some of the reasons why people choose Athens as a travel destination. The city was constructed around three mountains: Parnitha, Pendeli and Ymmytos. On the west side of the city, the deep blue colour of Saronikos sea captures the attention of visitors and make them fall in love with the city that perfectly combines all.


Recent developments

recent developments Athens

Athens has a flawless history all over but, developments that are taking place during the last 15 years are adding modern twists and the result is just incredible. Due to the Olympic Games that took place there in 2004, the city has undergone a major makeover. New highways that allow easy transportation throughout the city were constructed as well as the new Athens Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos which meets the high standards of the aviation industry.

It has to be noted that Athens has a plethora of areas which are characterized as pedestrians only such as the area around the infamous Acropolis, Plaka and Ermou streets. These particular areas are among the most famous in Athens and attract thousands of visitors every day. One of the most notable examples of developments that are taking place in Athens is the imposing and state of the art Acropolis Museum. This huge museum hosts 4000 exhibits and is a proud example of modern architecture with respect to the ancient world.



shopping Athens

It might not be well known but Athens is the ideal city for shopping. From luxurious items to folklore art, the city showcases an exciting feature due to the proximity of the shopping areas and the variety of items that can be found. The main and most known shopping street can be found in the city centre of Athens. Ermou Street is a long pedestrian street with multiple shopping options. Charming small cafeterias and street food can be found there in order to complete your shopping experience.

In the city centre, visitors can also visit the area of Plaka, where magnificent souvenirs and vintage items can be found. At Plaka, small and interesting galleries are selling some of the most beautiful and spectacular items in Athens. Do not miss the chance to visit this charming area and immerse yourself into a great shopping experience.

It has to be noted that, just a few minutes away from these areas, visitors can find the most prestigious shopping area, Kolonaki. There, the ultra-luxurious shopping experience is taking place with some of the most known boutiques and brands of the fashion industry. Jewellery shops, art galleries, home décor and of course clothes that can meet even the most high-end demands can be found in the broader area of Kolonaki.


Athens Riviera

athens riviera

Visitors, who wish to get away from the crowds and enjoy the serenity of the beach, are able to do so as Athens has some stunning beaches. Along the Athenian coastline, visitors can choose from secluded to crowded beaches and enjoy their day. It has to be noted that some beaches that very well organized and an entrance fee is required. Among the most popular options for both, visitors and locals are Alimos, Kavouri, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza and Lagonisi. Athens Riviera is not only known for its natural beauty. In fact, it is known as having some of the most elegant, modern and luxury restaurants and beach bars that can accommodate your needs. Refreshing cocktails, mouth-watering flavours, excellent music and comfortable sunbeds is what one should expect when visiting these beaches.


A vibrant nightlife

nightlife Athens

Athens is also known for its vibrant nightlife and the party atmosphere that people have. It is definitely true that Athenians like to enjoy their nights out in a variety of places. Athens has a plethora of options when it comes to nightlife which is able to satisfy all the needs. From theatres, wine bars, cocktail bars and clubs, Athens is able to offer to visitors one of the greatest experiences of nightlife. An interesting feature is the Greek bouzoukia where people can receive the real Greek feeling and listen to Greek live music until the morning. The most vibrant areas for nightlife in Athens are Syntagma, Kolonaki and Glyfada where people can enjoy fine drinks in a lavishing and stylish atmosphere.


An irresistible gastronomic journey

food Athens

There is no better way to explore the Greek culture than tasting some of the basic elements of the Greek cuisine. Athens is famous for its culinary tradition and for the variety of dining options. From street food to elegant and luxurious restaurants, the city centre of Athens can be the ideal option for those who seek to taste the Greek and the broader Mediterranean cuisine. The mouth-watering recipes are always accompanied by the exceptional service and the hospitality of the Greek people. In addition, restaurants offer spectacular wine lists that include some of the most known Greek labels. From small and charming restaurants to classy and elegant spots, Athens unfolds its culinary tradition is a very delicious way.