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Villa Eusoia Cannes, France

1. Villa Eusoia

10 GU | 5 BD | 6 BA | Private Pool | from 1815€/nt

Luxury villa rental in Cannes France.

Cannes is one of the finest wedding destinations across the world for its beautiful weather, ambience and culture. At the heights of Cannes is the Villa Eusoia Cannes and offers a panoramic view of Cannes which extends to 200o.

Access to the destination is easy, and it is just a 10 minutes’ drive from Coisette of Cannes. The traditional charm of southern France can be accessed with the private pools at the place. The pool is heated to stay at a comfortable temperature. The villa is also characterized by landscaped terrace gardens that expand to 2,600 sqm.

The amazing location of the villa adds to its elegance. It is right in the centre of French Riviera and at an hour’s distance from Monaco. While the destination is close to the coast, it never is too crowded. Villages nearby are known for their glass ateliers and perfumeries. The cobbled streets of the villages are recognized for their art galleries, shops and eateries.

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2. Casa Felice Matteucci

12 GU | 6 BD | 6 BA | Private Pool | from 1715€/nt

Luxury villa rental in Tuscany, Italy.

A large number of tourists prefer to get married in Tuscany each year, and the fine destination offers a number of holiday resorts that are perfect for hosting a wedding of dreams. The countryside reminds one of a storybook.

Casa Felice Matteucci is a farmhouse in Tuscany, characterised by an awe-inspiring estate, olive groves along the hills, and a small lake in the vicinity which also has an island with a lot of trees. Casa Felice Matteucci has rich historic trivia associated with it and once used to be the home to Felice Matteuci who had also invented the first stroke engine and he conducted his scientific researches over here.

The destinations around include the town of Lucca. The beautiful city may take around a day to explore, but may also come across as a backdrop for Apuan Alps and coast of Versilla. Pisa and Florence are in the vicinity as well and easily accessible from Lucca. Ancient walls around Lucca were maintained even post losing military significance. The top of the walls is now a pedestrian path for the tourists. There is green grass and trees everywhere around the walls. A visitor can also enjoy a bike ride through the trek. The sightseeing at the destination is exquisite. A few of the top attractions around include Basilica of San Ferdiano and Church of San Michele in Foro, which is within the Piazza of San Michelle.

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3. Villa Eagle Rock

12 GU | 6 BD | 7 BA | Private Pool | from 1106€/nt

Luxury villa rental in Cape Town, South Africa.

South Africa comes across as a preferred wedding destination for couples for being versatile, and offering too much beauty that can be captured in a single visit. Fine vineyards, islands full of penguins, exquisite savannahs and the wildlife are some of the top attractions at the place.

Villa Eagle Rock in Cape Town, South Africa is a prime destination for a themed wedding with the view of Atlantic. The time spent over here is luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. The place offers excellent views of the Atlantic. Every detail as to the elegant design, the generous layout and the exquisite finishes were carefully selected to ensure complete relaxation combined with many possibilities for sophisticated entertaining. Bantry Bay lies beside the coastal road between Sea Point and Clifton, and its central location provides easy access to entertainment venues, world-class shopping and excellent restaurants.

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