Events and festivals

festival Mexico

Mexico is rich in culture and tradition, with loads of festivals for various occasions all year around. These festivals and celebrations are nothing short of fun, amazing and wonderfully over the top. Make sure you check when these celebrations are on, and mark them down in your calendar if you don’t want to miss out. If you’re looking for a Christmas adventure that you’ve never before experienced, head to Mexico City and enjoy a Posada-a Christmas festival dedicated to this special time of year with a full on Mexican celebration. Join in on the fun of singing, piñatas and other heartwarming and exciting entertainment.

The day of the dead may sound macabre, but if you book a tour that will take you through various activities and celebrations, you’ll not only be enlightened-you’ll also learn that this is no morbid festival. It’s a long celebrated festival dedicated to honoring those that have passed and gives you insight into how Mexican culture sees death in a different way to most Westerners. Expect impressive (and slightly scary) sugar skull painted faces and outfits. Take a tour through Oaxaca where families come together and invite lost loved ones souls back to life. The experience is a happy one, and far from morbid, with breathtaking alters, markets, dances and displays and intimate festivities that Mexicans dedicate to honoring their lost loved ones. Visit tombs, cemeteries and sights you would not see anywhere else in the world. Not only is this festival captivating, it’s a complete eye opener for first timers.



Tacos Mexico

Food and snacks that have originated in Mexico is so good that it’s spread globally-even creating chain diners like taco bell. Visit Mexico and treat yourself to authentic, delicious Mexican cuisine. Enjoy endless flavors and tantalizing smells of real Mexican favorites like tacos, fresh seafood and meats smothered in Mexico’s delicious sauces including salsa, a variety of chili sauces and chipotles. You can take enjoy the hustle and bustle of street side food stands or dine in top class, award winning restaurants.

Wine lovers can also enjoy tours in Baja and sample only the finest of wines Mexico has to offer.


The birthplace of tequila

tequila Mexico

You can’t go to Mexico without taking a tour of various locations famous for concocting one of the world’s most popular liquors. You can even take a 7 day trip, where you’ll learn all about the origins of tequila, the culture it is immersed in, and stop at the top tequila distilleries in Mexico for samples of this popular (and notorious) drink. If you can’t stomach tequila but love the history surrounding it, you’ll be happy to hear that this tour also takes you to some of the best wineries in the country,

If you didn’t know just how deep the culture and unique traditions were, you can now be rest assured that if you decide on Mexico as your luxury getaway of choice, you will be far from disappointed.