The ultimate romantic getaway! Honeymoon in Santorini, Greece! | Traveler by Unique

The summer season is often considered to be the best time to visit Santorini and lasts from June right through to September. The weather through these months is sunny and is preferable for making the most of the destination. It is also the peak tourist season.

However, during the months from April through to October, the destination is quieter. It may even come across as an excellent time to go sightseeing.

Let us take a look at some of the most picturesque destinations in Santorini.


1. Oia Village


Oia village is the way people across the world recognize Santorini, with the images of beautiful blue and white homes on hill slopes, next to the backdrop of the Aegean Sea.

The food at the place is as good as the views, and the sunsets are romantic.

Oia village is right atop a cliff that is next to the Aegean Sea and comes across as the best place to put up when on a honeymoon in Santorini. A few of the top attractions for sightseeing in Oia village are the remains of a Venetian Fortress and a Maritime Museum.


2. Fira village


Fira village is a destination vibrant and full of color, and is also the capital of Santorini. This makes it the most frequent destination in Santorini.

The village is mostly at the edge of a high cliff and is known for white houses with doors and windows painted blue. The streets are paved beautifully.

It is a beautiful destination for enjoying the sun and shopping.


3. Imerovigli village


Imerovigli village is a highly picturesque destination that lies to the northern side of Santorini and is just a couple of kilometers down Fira village.

It is an exquisite destination for catching delightful sunsets and views of caldera are unforgettable. The town has a historical significance and nowadays has a number of modernistic cafes at the place. It is a must-visit destination when on a trip to Santorini.


4. Red beach

red beach

A tourist can have an entire day booked for the red beach in advance. The destination is known for its red sands and awe-inspiring views. Cool breeze over here is a delight to experience. The site is fine for sunbathing, enjoying a picnic and swimming as well.

Let us now take a look at some of the top things to do when on a honeymoon at Santorini.


1. Enjoy the sunset at Oia village


The sunset at Oia village is an unforgettable sight. The white buildings and blue domed churches all seem orange and golden in the setting sun.


2. Indulge in water sports

water sport

A visit to Santorini gives a tourist a chance to enjoy watersports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. The caldera is also a fine destination for swimming.

Another preferred activity in Santorini is covering up the entire body with volcanic hot spring mud. This comes across as one of the preferred activities in the spring season.


3. A visit to the vineyards


Wineries in Santorini are believed to be as good as anywhere else in the world. They organize the finest of wine tours across the world.

The best of the vineyards are located in Stentorian.


4. Dipping in Santorini’s hot springs

hot springs

One must also visit Palea and Nea Kameni when in Santorini. They are two well renowned hot springs near the caldera and a perfect spot for spending a relaxed evening. Swimming in the warm waters is fun.


5. Go hiking


The numbers of hiking tracks in Santorini are many and they are not too difficult to go hiking on. A very famous trail is from Fira to Oia villages. It is six miles in length and at the very rim of the caldera. The views from over there are exquisite. The hike can be planned in a way that lets you get to Oia by sunset.

Apart from this memorable trek, there is another fine trek that initiates from Kamari and lasts right down to ancient Thira. Along the route, a tourist also gets to come across a cave, a church, a freshwater spring, and several historic sights.


6. Enjoy sailing


Sailing in the Aegean is fun and calls for booking a charter. Tourists often have a choice at booking a half, full day or an overnight cruise. The sights will involve beaches with red and black sands across the pristine clear waters of the Aegean Sea. You could visit hot springs, and swim and snorkel as well.