Get married abroad! | Traveler by Unique


1. Italy


Getting married in Italy is a lovely dream for most couples, owing to the natural landscapes of the place and the definitively delectable cuisine over here.

A number of dream wedding destinations in Italy are perfect for the wedding of dreams. A few of them are Amalfi coast and Puglia, which bring in a significant amount of luxury to the event.

It is a fine idea to get married in settings which are right amid Italian traditions from ages gone by, which a couple can come across at quiet town of Sorrento. Getting married in Rome gives couples a chance to explore the beautiful city as well.


2. Greece


Greece is well recognized for its cuisine and clear blue skies as well. It can come across as the definitively astounding wedding destination.

For a beach wedding, few choices come close to Santorini with its exquisite beaches, white sands and unique architecture which are luxury at its best. Athens too can be an excellent choice for a wedding, with its ambiance which is authentically Greek, in a ceremony which is highlighted fine cultural settings and a few historic monuments as well.

In essence, Greece is a destination that has numerous fine spots for a perfect wedding. The guests get a chance to explore the beautiful country post the wedding.


3. North America

North America

North America comes across as an ideal destination for a wedding because of the variety it offers at tourists’ disposal. A number of people choose to get married in North America each year as their abroad wedding destination.

Among the top wedding destinations across the continent is the Disney World in Orland. Similarly, Las Vegas and New York come across as fine choices for hosting a wedding as well.

At North America, a tourist is sure to find several points of interest and the destination has sufficient to offer for everyone’s taste. It is one of the reasons why it stays among the top wedding destinations across the world.


4. Cyprus


Cyprus is recognized for the fine dose of Mediterranean sun, which makes it a preferred spot for the finest of weddings as well. Destination weddings are just one of the forts of the beautiful country.

A romantic beach wedding at Cyprus meets the bill well matched by few other things. It may involve dancing through the night at the reception which is sure to be fun-filled. The couple is sure to come across a bargain which meets and supersedes their expectations.

The nightlife at Cyprus is delightful and comes across as fun for a weekend wedding celebration for the guests.


5. Ireland


Many couples prefer to go to Ireland for their weddings for the country’s ease of access from England. At the countryside are a number of nice wedding venues that are sure to ensure some royal celebrations.

The numbers of urban wedding destinations in the country are aplenty as well. Tourists invariably make the best of their time on a visit to Ireland.


6. Spain


The wedding destinations in Spain are best described as incredible. The country is marked by ancient cathedrals and beaches that are awesome and perfect.

Ibiza is the preferred party destination across the world and also comes across as the favorite destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or a hag do as well.

Hosting a wedding in an authentic Spanish manner is a choice that meets the finest of tastes, and the couples have an opportunity of visiting destinations such as Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca and Barcelona following their wedding.


7. Asia


Asia comes across as among the most beautiful destination for a wedding of dreams and has much to offer on its platter. Thailand and Bali come across as the finest of wedding destinations across the world and are accompanied by a few more sights that make the wedding perfect.

In a few of the places, scenic surroundings, clear skies and fine weather come all together, and the number of choices for a honeymoon with an Asia wedding is extensive.