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Let us take a look at some of the top golfing destinations across the world.


1. Golf in Scotland

scotland golf

Scotland makes it the first spot on the list. It’s the country wherein the origins of golf lie. Golf in Scotland has rich traditions, and the country offers a lot more to meet a tourist’s tastes. There are more than 600 golf courses in Scotland and over 400 in Ireland. Discover the one that appeals to your preferences and enjoy a round of golf in the most inspirational sceneries.


2. Golf in France

France golf

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Golfing is just one of the reasons why. A few of the top attractions that a tourist comes across in France include its wonderful scenery and a few of the top restaurants across the world. The golfing culture over here is as good as any place in the world.


3. Golf in Japan

Japan golf

The popularity of golf in Japan has increased by leaps and bounds over recent times. Starting mid-nineties, the popularity began to decline, but over half the golf courses in Asia are in Japan.

Golfing destinations of Japan do not enjoy the same popularity as golfing destinations of Scotland. But the golfing terrains across Japan are variable and seasons are mild. This makes it as good a golfing destination as can be.

Playing golf in Japan is playing in some of the best golf courses in Asia. With excellent views of the Pacific and Mt. Fuji, the backdrop is as good as anywhere else in the world.


4. Golf in Australia

australia golf

Australia is known for its abundant sunshine. Any time is good for golf when in Australia. The golfing experiences in Australia are nevertheless variable and there is more to it than the weather, it’s the golfing culture.

A few of the finest golf courses across Australia are at the Melbourne’s sand belt. They include Royal Melbourne, which is ranked as one of the top golfing destinations across the world. The flagways are wide open, but need a player to drive the ball through risky areas, in order to reach the flags. A visit to the course is an unforgettable experience.


5. Golf in South Africa

south africa golf

When in South Africa, the golf courses delight the visitors with their excellent weather and breathtaking scenery. The destination is not among the most popular golfing destinations across the world, but it has all the ingredients to become one, and more. It has a few of the finest golf courses across the world.

Fancourt is believed to be the finest golfing destination across South Africa. One of the top attractions of the course is its settings. Around the green stretch are Outeniqua Mountains.

The course has a very South African feel to it. It is slightly tough and may require a player to avail each of the clubs in the bag. It makes the experience unique and great fun.


6. Golf in Ireland

ireland golf

Ireland comes across as a preferred holiday destination for a number of reasons and golfing holidays are just one of them. The country has some of the finest golf courses across the world, such as the golf course at Adare Manor. It is placed right within one of the finest manor house hotels in the world. It has undergone a recent reconstruction by Tom Fazio, the renowned golf architect.

This can come across as the prime destination for hosting major international golfing tournaments.


7. Golf in Italy

italy golf

Italy comes across as among the best countries to play golf. If a golfer is looking for variety, he finds it aplenty in Italy which has over 200 golf courses. The visitor also gets to enjoy the beautiful and historic landscapes that Italy has to offer. Visits to new golf courses each day can be easily arranged in Italy.