5 of the world's best tennis holidays | Traveler by Unique

Tennis resorts give one a chance to boost skills at the game, along with enhancing fitness levels as well. Visiting a tennis resort for holidays is a fine way to make the most of the break. It revitalizes the spirit and adds to the feel-good factor.

There are a number of pros of visiting tennis resorts for tennis lovers. They are sure to work fine for a sports lover, irrespective of his skill sets at the game. An expert can upkeep with the practice and match his skills against some newer players, which is always good for the game and adds to the versatility in tennis skills. Similarly, players with beginner and intermediate level skills can enhance their skill sets and boost their performance. The experience is sure to be fun, and a few of the destinations have provisions for entertaining an entire family.

Let us take a look at a few of the top tennis destinations in the world.


1. Thanyapura tennis, Thailand

Thanyapura tennis, Thailand

Service and smashes are improved with requisite guidance of professional mentors. The visitors delight in an exquisite location of the site as well. It is sheltered right at tranquil surroundings below the peaceful mountains of Phuket. With the 6 competition level courts that are available, a player gets an opportunity to train among the topmost tennis names.

What makes Thanyapur one of the finest destinations for tennis training is a number of fitness classes for Pilates, Kinesis and spinning, which compliment tennis games. Holistic treatments promote a relaxing and rejuvenating sense of well being for all athletes. While the break is sure to be very relaxing, it also makes the game sharper.


2. Carlisle Bay Tennis, Antigua

Carlisle Bay Tennis, Antigua

A tennis holiday at Carlisle Bay brings out the relaxed dimension of the game to fore. Playing at the destination is a fun and unforgettable experience.

The destination comprises of 9 courts, with overlooking palm trees. They have 4 courts with floodlights to let visitors enjoy the game through the evening. The close vicinity of the water edges makes the entire environment cool and add to the players’ delight.

But Carlisle Bay stays as the destination which gives the player an opportunity to boost his skills at the game. It is enabled by 6 tennis lessons and a few complimentary clinics as well. The tuitions are provided by professional instructors.

With plenty of avenues for relaxation in between the sessions, the player stays all set for the next match practice. The opportunities for a change include hiking in the rainforest and paddle boarding at exotic sites. The players also have a chance to enjoy sailing and water skiing for an experience of refreshing luxury.


3. The Oitavos, Portugal

The Oitavos, Portugal

A 3 night tennis holiday promises to be a delightful experience at the Oitavos. The destination is set amongst the most beautiful pine woods at the Estoria coast and the number of facilities on offer is aplenty.

Room for playing is abundant with ten courts for tennis and three for squash. It comes across as an avenue for exploring seawater therapies as well. One is sure to come across as a better player after a visit to the Oitavos.


4. Porto Carras Tennis, Greece

porto carras, greece

A tennis break at Porto Carras Tennis works towards enhancing the overall fitness and makes one a better player as well. The destination is recognized for its versatility and can be visited at any time of the year. The floodlit courts let players enjoy games after dusk.

The instructors at Porto Carras are sharp and let players solve the difficulties at the game with their deep insights, that give them an overview of the game. In order to relax and take a break, players have a chance to relax at the beautiful beaches with white sands. The numbers of health and beauty treatments add to the joy.


5. Aphrodite Hills Tennis, Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills Tennis, Cyprus

Aphrodite hills tennis is a chance to enjoy the Mediterranean sun to the fullest. They also give a chance for the players to test their skills at alternative courts, with four clay and five hard courts.

If on a lookout for some stringent training sessions, this is the destination to be at with choices for 2.5 or 5 hours of coaching each day. The destination is also a foodies’ paradise with fine cuisines and exquisite evening meals. The activities further go to include horse riding, water sports and biking tours. This comes across as a fine destination for an activity-filled holiday, with lots of tennis as well which lets an athlete enhance his skills at the game.