So what is it that makes Lech such a fabulous destination? Well, for starters, the skiing is truly magnificent. The peaks are out of this world and there is skiing for everyone. The expert runs are challenging, the intermediate runs are some of the best in the world, and if you’re a beginner, the slopes are an excellent place to learn.

And then there is the village of Lech. Lech is different to other Alpine Resorts in that it is pretty upmarket and pretty fashionable. There is sophistication in Lech that we love. This is where celebrities hang or hide out, this is where the Royals like to ski, and where you may enjoy the Alpine beauty as well. Lech is pretty remote - you can fly and get a transfer in - but once at Lech, you stay a while. The resorts and hotels are stunning, the small snow covered houses are typically Austrian and gorgeous, and the stores, boutiques, bars and even a church, are all perfectly positioned in this mountain rimmed plateau.

Lech, Arlberg, Austria

Lech is elegant. Lech is where people still dress for dinner. It is where the food is delicious, the wine is excellent and the service is perfect. There is attention to detail in Lech and no matter where you are staying, or where you are skiing, you are going to be treated like royalty too.

Of course the emphasis in Lech is on winter sports activity. You do not have to be a skier though. You may want to wander the small streets, shop at the boutiques, swim in a heated indoor pool, or eat a divine meal, while your loved ones ski. The locals are friendly and there is a lot to do in this small village. The locals will help you, guide you and advice you.

Lech is home to many winter sport Olympic champions and almost everyone who lives here has a pair of skis. The longest ski run in the world is at Lech, the white ring is perfect, and the Arlberg Mountains, where Lech is, is considered the cradle of Alpine skiing. There are endless ski runs, you can ski alone depending on your experience or with a guide, and the views are astonishing and diverse.

Lech is a winter wonderland and a winter paradise. You will find hotels and apartments of all kinds, some five star deluxe, some smaller and boutique orientated, some self catering. The choice is yours. We do suggest you give yourself at least five days here, maybe even more. Because the truth is, once you arrive and discover Lech, you may not want to leave. And there is a fair amount to discover.

When you do your booking, ask to recommend a few of their favorite restaurants. Book a special dinner or two in advance, book a few lessons if you need them, and if you don’t have your own ski equipment, don’t worry. You can easily rent a pair of skis and snow boots and you can rent your snow suits or buy the most beautiful and sophistic winter clothing too. Lech is upmarket. Lech is stylish. Lech is ideal for adventure, romance, singles, families, Princes, Princesses, actors, musicians, rock stars and you!