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Slowly but surely, however, the face of Ibizan tourism has changed – and definitely for the better. Whilst the island is still, justifiably, famous as a party destination, it’s seeking to attract an altogether different class of party-goer, as evidenced by the spread of 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants…indeed, Ibiza’s population of Michelin-starred chefs appears to be increasing by the day! Playa d’en Bossa, which at night, features A-list DJs in its world-famous clubs - some of the hottest venues on the planet, is now also home to some of the most exciting and adventurous gastronomic experiences, too.

If you book a luxury villa near Ibiza Town, you’ll be perfectly placed to take advantage of everything that this new Ibiza has to offer. Your villa will afford you a private refuge from the crowds when you want it but you can still visit the beaches and soak up the sun with the crowd…in fact, just because the sun is shining, doesn’t mean that the party has stopped. You’ll see the crowds on board the party boats, dancing in the sunshine!

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If you do want a break from the party, there are lots of other things to try. One of the other new developments in Ibizan tourism is the advent of the healthy tourist – Ibiza plays host to those seeking enlightenment and personal growth through meditation, pilates, barefoot walks and many other ideas, along with more traditional hiking, swimming and other sporting activities. You can even take in the cultural offerings of the island, which has been ruled by many different peoples, over the course of its history and has a unique cultural heritage, as a result.

But while you’re young, and looking for fun, you’ll want to know where to go for the best in after-hours entertainment – the bars, the clubs and, yes, the ‘Superclubs’! One of the top places to be seen in the daylight hours is the Nikki Beach – this beach club near Santa Eularia (that’s the Catalan spelling, the Spanish spelling is Eulalia) is glamorous, exclusive and very, very chic.

After hours, there are several clubs which have attained ‘legendary’ status, meaning that you really don’t want to go home and admit that you didn’t check them out! Perhaps the top of the list is the great ‘Amnesia’, said to be where the Balearic Beat first came into being. That’s in San Rafael and it’s open throughout the summer from 10pm.

‘Pacha’, in Ibiza Town, has been in operation for over 40 years now but it’s not showing its age! This is where celebrities (from A-list all the way through to the other end of the alphabet) go to be seen. If you can find your way through the maze of rooms, you may spot some familiar faces.

‘H’i Ibiza’ is a relative newcomer, on Playa d’en Bossa, but is already proving itself to be one of the hottest venues on the island. Do not go home without trying this one.

Of course, before you hit the clubs, you’ll want to check out the bars, cabaret clubs and all the other assorted entertainment spaces on the island. One thing’s for sure – Ibiza might be growing in sophistication, but it hasn’t forgotten how to party!