Hiking in Kenya is appropriate for any level. If you want a nice scenic hike there are plenty available. With such stunning landscapes and such a variety of wild life it seems trekking some of Kenya’s Mountains is a thrill of its own. If you want a challenge, these hikes will be sure to get your legs burning.

mount Kenya

Mount Kenya: Africa’s second tallest mountain. Average hike time is 5 days. Peak hiking time is between July and October. Hiking gear is needed for this trek, as well as an experienced guide.

Hells Gate National Park Kenya

Hells Gate National Park (Rift Valley Trail): Hike through red rocks, gorgeous, meadows and valleys. Sharp rock cliffs for rock climbing or trek the trail to the volcanic tower.

Menengai Crater (Nakuru) Kenya

Menengai Crater Hike: Hike the huge menengai crater which reaches 2278 m above sea level. The average hike time is 8 hours.



Fell an exhilarating rush as you rip down the white river rapids of one of the Kenyan Rivers. With options available for different time lengths you can plan how many waves you want to ride! Trips vary in length from half day excursions to multi day excursions where you camp, riverside, nightly. The best rapid riding is at one of these spots:

Ewaso Ngi’ro Kenya

Ewaso Ngi’ro: River rafting on the rivers located through the scenic Samburu National Reserve. Lots of wild life to view along the riverside through the park.

Tana River: 4 hours of raft time down the river. Stops along the way to go for a swim or jump down a 30ft waterfall. Lots of picnic sites and camp sites in the area.

athi Kenya

Athi River: Up to 80 km of river available to raft on. Lots of wild life to view such as buffalo, elephant, lions and crocodiles.



safari Kenya

Safari in Kenya is a fun activity for anyone. Cruising through the parks, lands and waters to see lions, wildebeest, elephants, and the other animals you see on a safari is well worth it. Get close up and personal with these incredible creatures on one of the many safaris. Choosing your length of safari, what you want to see and extra features for some may be simple. If you want a safari you can brag to your friends about check out one of these options:

Helicopter Safari: Fly over Kenya to get a different view of the lands and wildlife. The helicopter will touch town at remote spots to give you a closer look at the animals. From the air you can enjoy the beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and deserts.

Night Safari: Many animals, like lions, sleep during the day so by heading out on a night safari you will see them as they wake up and head out to hunt. The spot lights of the safari vehicles will shine on areas to show passengers the wild life.



sea Kenya

Kenya makes a perfect location for scuba diving, all year long, due to the climate. The prime months are November, December, January and February. These are the months you will get to swim with Sharks, Whales, Tropical fish and turtles. There are lots of hot spots for divers however, if you are looking for the best diving spots in Kenya you will head to one of the following:

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve: Home to huge manta rays, coral reefs, starfish, octopus, turtles and dolphins.

Watamu Marine National Park: Nesting area for the Green Sea Turtle (Which is endangered) multi coloured coral gardens, exotic fish and manta rays.

Mombasa Marine National Park: One of the largest marine parks in Kenya. Home to angelfish, butterflyfish, zebra fish, dolphins, and turtles.

scuba dive



tana Kenya

Free falling from a great height over the gorgeous landscape of Kenya is one of most adventurous things you could do on your vacation in Kenya. Several spots are available throughout Kenya for you to take a jump! There are a few places in Sagana that offer bungee jumping over the Tana River, valleys, ocean views and forests. With different heights, each location has its own features which draw people in and you can pick from the variety which place you want to jump from.