Taal Volcano in the Philippines, is located on Luzon Island, about 50 km away from the capital city, Manila. Being so close to the main hub, it is a popular destination for day trips, hikers, and geologists. The volcano itself is right in the middle of Lake Taal, making it appear almost as an island. On the volcano the main point is Crater Lake, which has formed on the surface of the volcano.

Although the Taal Volcano is still active, people have made communities around the area. The soil is so rich due to the volcanic soils mixed in, that farmers can take advantage of using it for their crops. This is how a lot of people make their living in these area’s. They farm something and then sell it at farmers markets on the weekends. Having the best soil to grow the best product is a win for everyone.

The Taal Volcano is a popular tourist attraction, especially for those who are eager to explore it. Finding transportation from Manila is an easy way to start. There are several ways you can get to the starting point of the hike. Usually by bus and boat. Once you arrive at the starting point you will have the choice of taking the hike to Crater Lake or to Red Lava, another view point just a few steps off the regular trail.

The most used trail is reachable by a 10 minute boat ride which brings you to the starting point. The hike is not difficult which makes it suitable for beginners. The view point takes about 50 minutes to reach and about half that time on the decent down.

Taal Volcano in the Philippines 1

At the view point you will be pleased with the panoramic view of the beautiful Mt. Tabaro and Taal Lake. To go further up the trail it does get a bit steep. With the heat, many people chose the option of riding a horse up the last bit to save some energy for all the pictures they will be taking at the top. There you will be able to enjoy a snack or a drink and soak in all the beauty surrounding Taal Volcano.

After your decent you will be taken by boat across the lake to Tagaytay where you can either head back to Manila or enjoy what Tagaytay has to offer. If you choose to stay a day or two in the town, there is lots of other things to enjoy. There are several coffee and sweet shops to indulge in as well as several beaches. Saud beach, Masasa beach and Sadang beach are both popular spots for tourists to visit during the day. People can enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing in the waters off the beach. There are lots of tours provided to see the old churches and buildings and the tour guides are fully prepared to give you interesting information and have you engaged for the whole tour. There are also many other interesting hikes and nature walks in the area. With so much beauty to take in, we recommend opening some extra time in the area.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your hike up Taal Volcano:

  1. Bring a light backpack. There are a few essential items you will need to bring and this is the easiest way to transport them.
  2. The weather is an important factor to think about on the day of your hike. Some prefer to hike earlier in the day to avoid the heat.
  3. If you plan on hiking mid day, bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself when you aren’t able to take shade.
  4. Bring water, you will need it! The hike isn’t too hard but with the heat your body will need to be well hydrated.
  5. The trail can get dusty so it is recommended to bring a bandana or a face mask to avoid breathing in the dust.
  6. Sunscreen is also very important. It is always recommended to protect your skin while out in the hot sun for this long.

Remember in order to keep nature as beautiful as it is, we must take everything with us that we came with and leave with nothing but memories and photos of the amazing things we see!