What about getting around the Dominican Republic to see a different side of it, not just to get from point A, to point B. With all the beauty that the Dominican holds, why not take the more scenic route. There are so many more exciting ways to explore the land you are on than just taking a taxi. Find your wild side and look into one of these unique ways.



If you are looking for a thrilling adventure there are many river rafting trips you can enjoy. Ranging by how many days you want your amazing adventure to last you can enjoy several days rafting along the river during the day and camping beside the river at night, while enjoying a campfire and bbq.



See the Ariel view of the white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and green jungles from the seat on a helicopter. You will be able to ask any questions to the pilot through audio communication with the helicopter pilot. From the air you can choose where you want to go to next by land as all the beaches and attractions will be pointed out by your guide.


Catamaran Cruise

The most relaxing way to enjoy everything the Dominican is, to stream through the waters in a plush catamaran. With tasty food and lots of drinks, you will be in absolute bliss as you soak up the atmosphere around you. With groups leaving all through out the day you can choose how long you want to be out, and where you want to go. This is the preferred way for many to get around the Dominican.


Horse Back Riding

Horse back riding is the perfect way to experience nature at its finest. Horse riding tours are available in all the big cities and tourist spots. Choose to ride along the beach at sunset for a romantic evening or take the day to ride through some of the scenic area’s in town. There will be places to stop along the way that highlight points of interest and your guide will be able to answer any questions along the journey.



In many bays and marina’s around the Dominican you will find places to rent a Jet-ski, and other motorized water sports. If you like to plan your own adventure, renting a jet-ski is the way to go. You can take yourself to private beaches, incredible hiking trails with view points that will leave you breathless and to the most pristine coral reefs. Take your time as you can go at your speed because this is your adventure!



The beauty of the Dominican doesn’t end where the water starts. To some, the treasures the waters hold are the best part. Scuba diving will lead you through the magical under water world of the Dominican. The coral reefs, shipwrecks and volcanic rocks will give you an experience to remember. With daily diving tours taking divers to the hottest diving spots you could spend weeks travelling around the island diving from site to site.

As the Dominican has major highways and roads in the largely populated areas, they also have many roads to the smaller villages that are not paved, and a little bumpy. Taking the road less travelled only means you get to see things other people wont get to see and you will have memories for a lifetime with all the stories you will have. Getting around the dominican republic is easy when you know where to go, do don’t be afraid to ask for help if you aren’t sure which direction to go in.