1. Atlantis Submarine Tour

Offered in Aruba, Barbados and Grand Cayman is a real submarine tour. The submarine tour takes about 2 hours and is a different way to experience the ocean. The submarine will take you down 130 feet so you can view coral reefs, shipwrecks, turtles, tropical fish, and stingrays. Tours run both day time and night time so you can choose which experience is more appealing to you.

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2. Scuba Diving at Catalina Island

Catalina island is of Punta Cana, which has some of the best diving around. With top dive sites such as The Wall and The Aquarium you will have the opportunity to swim with stingray, lobster, moray eels and tropical fish. By joining a tour you will get to relax on the beach while enjoying a delicious lunch before getting back into the water to explore more.


3. ToroVerde Adventure Park

Zip-lining through the lush rainforests surrounding the park has never been so exciting. With speeds up to 95 km/h you will feel the adrenaline rush as you view the mountains, herbage and animal life living with in it. The monster is a cable run of 2.5 km which is one of the longest in the world. The flight speed of 152 km/h will be sure to give you a Caribbean experience you wont forget.

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4. Deep Sea Fishing

Cuba has great deep sea fishing charters. Spend the day with well experienced guides who will take you to the best known spots to fish for barracuda, swordfish, wahoo, marlin, sailfish and more. All the professional gear for your adventure will be provided so this trip can be fun for both experienced and inexperienced fishermen.


5. Swimming With Pigs

Take a day trip to Pig Beach which is located off of Exuma. While swimming in the shallow, warm waters you will be joined by a group of friendly wild pigs. They love visitors and will come up and say hello without fear as you enjoy your time at the beach. The pigs love to be fed and don’t mind you taking pictures with them so come prepared with some snacks for them.


6. Snorkelling At Trunk Bay

There are incredible snorkelling sites all over the Caribbean, and you wont have to go far to find amazing underwater scenery. Trunk Bay is one of a kind when it comes to snorkelling. The snorkelling area is mapped with underwater signs which will lead you to coral reefs and other interesting areas. The beach is well equipped with showers, change rooms and public bathrooms.


7. Cayman Crystal Caves

On in Northside, Grand Cayman there is a wonderful attraction called the Crystal Caves. Surrounded by tropical flowers and plants you will find the caves. Inside the well lit caves there are light blue pools of water and mineral formations causing the light to reflect off of it making it look like crystals.

674-Cayman Crystal Caves.jpg

8. Bob Marley Tour

Learn about the legendary Bob Marley by taking one of the amazing tours in Jamaica. The educated tour guides will take you through the story of Bob Marley, taking you to the place he was born, where he grew up and where he was buried in 1981. You will make stops for refreshments and photo opportunities along the way.


9. Aruba Island Safari

Exploring the island on 4x4 gives you the experience of seeing the more natural side of what Aruba has to offer. The safari tour will take you to natural pools and baby beach if you want to take a swim or snorkel. Then you will get to see Natural Bridge, which used to be a rock formation which reached across the water in the form a bridge. You will also get to see the Gold Mill ruins and the California Lighthouse. The tour guides make this safari even more fun with their great driving skills, humour and knowledge of the island.


10. ATV Tours

You will find an ATV tour in any area of the Caribbean. This is a fun and thrilling way to explore the mountains, beaches, and rainforest. You will get the opportunity to see views from a different perspective with so many incredible photo’s to share with your friends.

With never ending fun happening in the Caribbean you are sure to have a blast on your vacation. Plan out your days to get in as many of the top Caribbean experiences possible.