holidays in January 1

For the sun-worshippers, winter is a time to edge a little closer to the equator. And where better than the Caribbean? Como Parrot Cay, in the Turks and Caicos Islands has everything you need for a luxurious and relaxing winter break in a secure, private resort. Many resorts claim to be ‘unspoilt’ but Parrot Cay gives new emphasis to the word. With no cars to pollute its snow-white beaches and no streetlights to spoil the night sky, this is truly a place where the visitor can get close to nature and let the cares and stresses of modern life drift away on the tide.

holidays in January 2

Of course, not everyone wants to ‘get away from it all’. If you prefer to stay close to the urban action, then consider Cape Town for your January holiday. As one of the hottest (in both senses of the word) destinations on the planet, Cape town gives you everything that you need, from vibrant night life, fine dining and wine from the region’s own vineyards, to shopping, sightseeing and even trekking for the energetic. Or you could simply hit the beaches and make the most of that lovely sunshine!

holidays in January 3

If sunshine (or, indeed, any sunlight at all!) isn’t what you want, then perhaps an altogether different sort of January holiday would suit you. Finland is home to some of the finest winter resorts to be found anywhere on earth. You can stay safe, warm and in luxurious surroundings, watching the wonders of the aurora borealis play out over your head, through specially designed, heated glass roof windows. Alternatively (although you might think January is a little late for this) you could take a trip to Santa Claus village. It’s a busy tourist destination, with excellent bars and restaurants, so you won’t be left out in the cold!

holidays in January 4

For skiers and snowboarders, the important thing is picking the slopes with the best snow, which, of course, is partly a matter of weather forecasting and, well, luck. However, there are a few resorts where conditions are such that you can always rely on at least some of the pistes being open, even when very little snow has fallen. Chamonix is probably the best known such resort. It’s one of the oldest in France and has hosted prestigious sporting events throughout its illustrious history…and the great thing about Chamonix is – you can even ski in the summer, if you’re that dedicated to the sport!

Securing a luxury chalet at Chamonix for your January winter sports holiday will ensure that you enjoy all that’s best about the season – you’ll be a short distance not only from the slopes, but also from some of the region’s most exclusive après-ski!