Despite its popularity, Santorini was able to maintain its basic characteristic elements. The deep blue colour of the sea is perfectly compared with the churches’ domes and the bright white wash houses form the perfect scenery where elegance and minimalism can be found on their maximum level. Although the Island is famous worldwide for the romantic sunsets that it offers, there is an impressive amount of thing to do in Santorini. The Island’s exploration is truly worthy as visitors will be impressed and overwhelmed by the Island’s natural beauty, history and tradition.


Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi Santorini

Ammoudi bay is located close to the lower part of Oia village. In fact, this bay has a small and traditional fishing village. From there, visitors can observe the small port and many traditional fishing boats. Ammoudi can be the ideal backdrop for those who wish to explore tradition and taste the authentic gastronomy of the Island in one of the many small restaurants that the area has. While exploring the area, visitors can also enjoy swimming in small coves. Emerald waters and a quiet atmosphere is what visitors experience when in Ammoudi.



Akrotiri Santorini

Santorini is able to perfectly combine interesting sightseeing with tranquil vacations. One of the things that visitors of Santorini can do is to visit the area of Akrotiri. According to the archaeological research, Akrotiri was a small city that was built during 1450 B.C. This impressive site is often characterized as the Greek Pompeii. This is because, due to the volcano’s eruption during antiquity, an extensive amount of ashes covered the settlement. This resulted in preserving the ancient village throughout the years. Today, visitors can observe houses and items that were used back in the Minoan civilization.


Red Beach

Red beach Santorini

Forming one of the most famous beaches on the Island, Red Beach achieves to attract visitors due to its peculiar formation and the terrain’s red colour. The surrounding area is perfectly combined with crystal clear turquoise waters and Red beach magnetize visitors due to its beauty and charm.

The vast majority of Santorini’s beaches showcase an interesting and wild formation due to the existence of the volcano. Red beach is unquestionably one of the most interesting beaches as it is surrounded by imposingly dramatic cliffs and red colour sand. Visiting Red beach and enjoining swimming there is a once in a lifetime experience for visitors.


Wine tasting

wine Santorini

Santorini is home to an exquisite and unique variety of grapes that are growing into volcanic soil. The rich in minerals soil is illustrated in the wine’s flavour and makes it one of the most famous varieties in the world. When in Santorini, visitors can explore the Island’s wine culture in one of the many vineyards.

Attending a wine tasting experience in Santorini will be a long lasting memory. Professional and experienced sommeliers provide the necessary guidance and information regarding the different labels. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a fine meal accompanied by a perfectly paired bottle of wine. This experience is strongly recommended as an activity that explores the culture and the tradition of Santorini.


Caldera villages

Caldera Santorini

A must visit location in Santorini is of course the infamous villages that are built on the top of the cliffs, right above the sea. Calderas are full of white washed houses with blue details and the scenery is breath-taking. This characteristic feature of Santorini is ideal for those who wish to explore the Island’s charm. Narrow streets, romantic terraces and a unique panoramic view over the deep blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea, is what completes the picture. Calderas are the most famous spot among visitors to enjoy the unreal sunset. Beautiful bars and restaurants are offering refreshing cocktails and fine dining options for the visitors who wish to enjoy a unique and memorable experience during sunset.


Nea and Palea Kameni

Kameni Santorini

Santorini offers a never-ending exploration and can meet the needs of every visitor. In exploring the Island, visitors have the option to visit two small volcanic Islands namely, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni. Access is available through the sea and there are a lot of boats offering this excursion.

These two tiny Islands are known for their therapeutic capabilities. More precisely, hot sulphur springs can be found into the sea close to the Islands. In addition, the Islands host thermal mud and visitors can cover their body in order to enjoy a unique and natural spa experience. Thermal mud is known for the amazing effects that has in developing and recreating a healthy skin. Finally, in Nea Kameni, visitors can enjoy spectacular views over the volcano crater and observe natural beauty at its maximum.


The monastery of Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias Monastery Santorini

The monastery of Prophet Elias is another top recommendation for visitors who wish to explore the Island of Santorini. It is located in the highest point of the Island and the small chapel is one of the monastery’s characteristic features. This chapel has a distinct historical importance as it forms the oldest of its kind on the Island. Built in 1711, the chapel offers a unique panoramic view over the entire Island. More precisely, visitors can observe the sea, various vineyards and the infamous charming villages of Santorini.