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Despite the plethora of attractions that Santorini has to offer to its visitors, there is a particular location which showcases a combination of history, spectacular natural beauty, romance and charm. The Santorini lighthouse is an excellent spot for those who wish to explore the Island as the location offers some impressive views over the sea, over the characteristic white washed villages and over the ruins of the Minoan civilization. Santorini lighthouse is a must visit location and forms a spectacular backdrop for a great exploration.


Reaching the Lighthouse, Santorini

This spectacular lighthouse is situated in the south-western part of Santorini. The distance from the Airport and from the capital village of the Island, Fira, is approximately 13Km. Therefore, visitors who wish to reach the lighthouse are advice to use a taxi. An additional option would be to rent a car or a motorbike since walking there will not be an easy job. The temperatures especially during the pick of the summer season can be really high therefore hiking would not be the ideal option. In addition, for those who wish to visit the lighthouse by using a public transportation, it is important to mention that buses last stop is made at Akrotiri village. The lighthouse can also be accessed with a bike. For those who wish to experience some adrenaline boosts, specially designed mountain bike trails are ideal for this exploration.


Interesting Facts - Lighthouse Santorini

The Akrotiri lighthouse was named after the ruins of an ancient Minoan settlement that was built during 4,000 B.C. These ruins are located close to the lighthouse and visitors can observe incredible views over the ancient city. The lighthouse was constructed in 1892 by a French trading company and during its first 100 years of operation it was using oil as the main power force. A person was in charge to manually maintain and operate the lighthouse during that period. A hundred years later, in 1983, the lighthouse was connected with electricity. Right next to the lighthouse, visitors can observe a small building that used to be the house of the person who was taking care of the lighthouse during its first years of operation. This emblematic lighthouse is fully operational until today as it flashes lights over the sea every ten seconds.


Historical Facts - Lighthouse Santorini

This imposing site was constructed by a French trading company in 1892 and features a unique and notable architectural design. In fact, the lighthouse illustrates a significant importance not only for the Island of Santorini, but for the country as a whole as it is one of the first lighthouses to be constructed in Greece.

The lighthouse has a square shape and the tower is 10 meters high. During World War II it was not operational. However, in 1945 the Greek Army reconstructed the lighthouse which became again fully operational. The lighthouse’s history includes two milestone years. The first is 1983 when the lighthouse started to operate with the use of electric power. The second is 1988, as that was the year that made Santorini’s lighthouse to be electronically operational.


Things to Do - Lighthouse Santorini

It is important to mention that access to the lighthouse is prohibited. The only people who are allowed to enter are the authorized personnel of the Greek navy. However, the location is ideal for many other activities and is in fact a very popular place in Santorini. Visitors can follow hiking or biking trails around the lighthouse and admire nature at its finest. In addition, due to the fact that the lighthouse is located at a sharp cliff, visitors can enjoy spectacular views over the sea and observe a memorable, romantic and colourful sunset. For those who seek some interesting sightseeing, the ruins of the ancient Minoan settlement are the perfect option. Close to the lighthouse, visitors can also experience the authentic lifestyle of Santorini in one of the small traditional restaurants and enjoy mouth-watering local recipes and the unique variety of local wine.


The Breath Taking Sunset - Santorini

Santorini is famous around the world for the spectacular, fairy tale-likes sunsets. Indeed, when the sun goes down, visitors can be amazed by the nature’s beauty that is perfectly combine with the Island’s charming atmosphere. Santorini’s lighthouse is another location where sunset is perfectly visible. Visitors are advised to explore the surrounding area before sunset. By the time when the sun starts to set, is the ideal time to relax and enjoy a truly memorable experience. As the red sun dives into the blue coloured Aegean Sea, the magic is spread around and a sense of flawless romance achieves an impact on visitors.

On a clear and bright day, the lighthouse can be an idyllic spot for panoramic views and photo shootings. Visitors can easily observe the steep cliffs and the villages of Caldera that are full of small, white washed houses and churches. In addition, Akrotiri lighthouse can serve as a stunning viewing platform over the two tiny volcanic islands that are situated in a close distance. These spectacular views are one of the main reasons explaining the location’s increased popularity.