In total, there are approximately 20 villages in Santorini which are spread all over the Island. Visitors can explore villages which are situated on the edges of the infamous Santorini steep cliffs. Others are located towards the inland and provide the perfect setting for visitors to get engaged with the authentic lifestyle and culture of the Island. Exploring the villages of Santorini can be a unique experience as each and every one has its own natural beauty and has to offer a variety of attractions to the visitors. Some of them are particularly popular and showcase a cosmopolitan character, such as Fira and Oia. However, there are other picturesque villages where visitors can experience a unique combination of authentic Island lifestyle and exquisite natural beauty. The village of Firostefani is definitely one of them.

Firostefani in Santorini

The village of Firostefani is located on the north side of Santorini, on a location between the two famous villages of Fira and Imerovigli. Officially, this location is perceived as a separate village however, the truth is different. In reality, this location is the extension of the capital village, the infamous Fira of Santorini. Due to the fact that Firostefani is situated on the highest point of Fira, this settlement’s name can be translated as the Crown of Fira. In Greek language, Stefani means crown, therefore it is the Crown of Fira.

The village is one of the most stunning locations on the Island and this is the reason explaining its increased popularity from both, locals and visitors. It offers breath taking panoramic views over the Island and over the caldera. Visitors are able to find a great variety of accommodation options, fine restaurants, bars and many other options for leisure and relaxation. Even high ends standards and needs can be met in Firostefani, as the Island is a famous and ideal destination for the world’s celebrities.

Firostefani Impeccable Views

There is no possible way that a visitor in Santorini will not spend time in Firostefani. This is because the location offers impeccable views over the blue Aegean Sea. From the top of the cliff, the panorama sets a fairy tale backdrop as visitors are able to view the infamous volcano of Santorini from a different angle. Firostefani’s advantage is of course the thrilling location as amazing views can be generously offered over the caldera. Visitors will be impressed and amazed by the beauty of the natural scenery and admire the charm of Santorini.

Firostefani Stunning Sunsets

The extraordinary sunsets should not be excluded from the list! As Firostefani is located at the highest point of Fira village, it forms the most idyllic location to experience the well-known sunset of Santorini. The busy and vibrant atmosphere of Firostefani is completed with a variety of exceptional selection of bars, restaurants and cafeterias. The excellent service along with the mouth-watering flavours and the refreshing cocktails will ensure a pleasurable experience while watching the red sun dive into the blue sea.

Firostefani Santorini, Greece

Firostefani Characteristic Features

As every other village in Santorini Island, Firostafani showcases an interesting amount of characteristic features that compose its charming and vibrant atmosphere. More precisely, Firostefani follows the traditional architectural style. Houses, buildings, hotels and churches are having the characteristic white colour that has blue details. In Firostefani, minimalism is at its best as the traditional Island architecture suggests that the less are the better. Another characteristic feature is the narrow streets which provide a truly joyful experience. In Firostefani there is a main shopping street where visitors can find shops of all kind. From boutique, to galleries and crafts, the shops offer to the visitors a vast variety of options when it comes to shopping. Finally, the most important feature of Firostefani is the short distance that connects the area with the capital village of Santorini. The crowded and famous village of Fira is only few minutes away something that makes it easily accessible for those who seek to explore a more busy and vibrant night life.

Firostefani Saint Nikolaos Monastery

Firostefani is not only known for its thrilling location and charming atmosphere. In fact, the village hosts some important monuments and sites where visitors can explore the history and culture of the Island. In a short distance from Firostefani, there is the female monastery of Saint Nikolaos. Expect from the monastery, visitors can find there a folklore museum which hosts items of everyday life and local costumes. The monastery also hosts an ecclesiastical museum that includes a large exhibition of Byzantine icons.

Church in Firostefani, Santorini

Firostefani Cosmopolitan Character

Due to its traditional character, the imposing views and the flawless elegant style that Firostefani has, the village is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Visitors can choose and enjoy a unique culinary experience from a variety of elegant and lavish restaurants and bars. In addition, accommodation options in Firostefani are able to meet even the high end expectations. Although a village, Firostefani has everything a visitor needs to enjoy a pleasurable, joyful and relaxed holidays.