Central Greece

Captivating blend of culture, tradition, history and mythology add to the impressive landscapers of Central Greece. Bold Mountains spotted with lakes that are surrounded by lush vegetation are the ideal spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiast. Appreciate the historic sites, old villages and the unending beauty of the lands as you are filled with the need to see more.

Traces of ancient and medieval times lay across central Greece’s five regions. The most populated area of Greece will leave you wanting more as you experience the once Turkish inhibited land. Winter has never been more charming in Evertania. Perfect romantic get away, with Mount Timfristos as the back drop. Travel through the giant gorge, lined with flowing springs to find yourself in the enchanted Viotia or unwind on one of the delicate beaches in Fokida.

Beauty, surprise and culture are seen in every attraction. Spend a day at one of the classic museums or sanctuary. Stand among the Pillars at Ancient Delphi that top Mt Parnassos and admire the view of the Golf of Cornith. Take a break and enjoy local culture at one of the incredible restaurants around you, while you appreciate the mastery and mystery of Central Greece.

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