However, some of these well-preserved masterpieces are known for their spectacular design. Spread all over the country, these fairy tale castles range from medieval ruins to romantic and elegant chateaus. Discovering Scotland’s castes can an interesting, yet exciting journey through history and design.



dunrobin castle Scotland

The castle of Dunrobin was built in the early years of 1300s according to the classical French architectural style and forms the most northerly castle in Scotland. The outstanding building includes 189 different rooms and it is not a coincidence that is listed as the largest of its kind in the broader area of Highlands. The castle’s initial purpose was to serve as the official estate of the Earls of Sutherland, who were later on in time renamed as Dukes. The castle’s interior was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer. Visitors are able to observe the imposing spires of the castle which are having a romantic and fairy tale character.



floors castle Scotland

The castle of Floors is the official home of the Duke and Duchess of Roxburgh and indeed forms the largest inhabited castle in the entire Scottish territory. It was built in the area of the Scottish Boarders and is situated between the Cheviot Hills and a river. The surrounding landscape provides the ideal setting of a prestigious residence like this castle. The castle is home to a plethora of unique items. Artworks, antiques and other important items of the royal family are decorating the majestic halls and rooms of this castle. The Floors’ castle gardens are planted with trees and flowers adding a unique feature in the area. Within the gardens, a notable tree exists where King James II was killed in 1460.


Fyvie Castle

fyvie castle Scotland

Located in Aberdeenshire, Fyvie Castle was built during the 13th century and has a long history and tradition in serving the royal family and the members of the upper class. Throughout the years, this majestic building changed a total of five owners, who were all powerful and known in the Scottish high society. The castle undergone several renovations and the already existing architectural features were enriched with new elements every time the castle was having a new owner. Today, the castle forms a historical place and inside visitors can observe and admire the emblematic furniture of the time and other important items. The most interesting feature of the castle’s interior is the regal and imposing stair case.


Culzean Castle Country Park

Culzean Castle Country Park

There are many reasons explaining why Cuzlean castle is one of Scotland’s most popular attractions. The castle forms the most dramatic and imposing feature of the neo-classical Georgian architectural style. Constructed during the 18th century, this emblematic building is set on cliff and incorporates within its walls many notable moments throughout history. The castle features also an impressive 600 acres garden which is nowadays used as a park right next to the Scottish coastal line. The park is a popular destination for both, locals and visitors who wish to enjoy the natural setting and relax in a quiet atmosphere.


Drummond Castle Gardens

Drummond Castle Gardens

Built during the 15th century, Drummond Castle is mainly known to the public for its breath taking gardens. In fact, the gardens are among the most finest and elegant settings in the entire European Continent. They include a variety of trees and flowers and due to its excellent condition the gardens were the filming spot for the famous series Outlander and the cinema movie Rob Roy. The building’s interior is not accessible to the public however visitors can enjoy the fairy tale atmosphere of the gardens and the spectacular views over the surrounding area and of the castle.


Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle Scotland

Kilchurn castle is probably one of the most frequent photographed buildings in Scotland. Indeed, the combination of the castle’s location and the imperial design compose an outstanding and rare result. The castle is one among many owned by the Campbell family who were in power and had control over the west part of the country during the medieval period. The castle is accessible and visitors are highly advice to reach the highest point of the castle which serves as a viewing platform in order to enjoy panoramic views over the isthmus.


Dirleton Castle

Dirleton Castle

Among the Scotland’s fairy tale castle is the one that was built during the 12th century. The Dirleton castle has a flawless romantic and charming character throughout. The castle sits on a rocky setting and is a popular attraction due to two main reasons. The first is that the main characteristic feature of this charming castle is a Victorian garden. The outstanding greenery surrounding the emblematic building catches the attention of any visitor as it creates a fairy tale setting. The second reason for the castle’s popularity is the Arts and Crafts herbaceous border. Indeed the castle is listed in the Guinness Record Book as having the longest herbaceous border in the world.



fraser castle Scotland

The Fraser castle is an imposing building with five floors in Aberdeenshire. It was seen as backgrounds in the famous cinema movie The Queen due to its well-preserved condition and its authentic character. Fraser can be easily characterized as one of the most romantic and fairy tale castles in the entire Scottish area. Visitors can admire spectacular and romantic views from the highest point of the castle and enjoy a relaxing walk in its gardens.