The Island can be characterized as an all-in-one destination. This is because it mixes up culture, history, gastronomy along with breath-taking landscape and crystal clear waters that are suitable for many outdoor activities. In fact, Kefalonia Island has some very well kept secrets waiting to be discovered by its visitors.


History and Culture in Argostoli

Argostoli Kefalonia

Forming the biggest village, Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia. The village has suffered extensive damages during the Second World War. German air bombings targeted the Island in 1943 and Argostoli managed to survive given its relatively small size. However, a decade later, in 1953 the village was completely destroyed by a massive earthquake that hit the area. The willingness and the strength of people resulted in a fully reconstructed village that is simply beautiful. Despite the reconstruction process, visitors are still able to observe and admire some of the village’s notable places of interest that are built according to the Venetian architectural style. Interesting highlights for visitors are the Cyclopean Walls and the old town of Krani. In Argostoli, visitors can discover a hidden gem, which is the Korgialeneios Library. This well-kept secret showcases an outstanding rare collection of manuscripts and books. The building also hosts a museum of folklore art.


The peaceful Lixouri

Lixouri Kefalonia

Forming the second largest village on the Island, Lixouri is the ideal location for those who seek to enjoy holidays in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The village has everything one needs for comfortable and pleasurable moments. Local delicacies and traditional architecture are some of the hidden secrets of this picturesque village. Visitors can also explore the Iakovateio Library which is divided into two parts, the first host the library with an outstanding amount of 25,000 books and the second part houses a small museum where folklore and other antiquity exhibits are displayed. One of the most interesting highlights of this location is the Monastery of Kipouria. Even though the Monastery has a significant religious importance, visitors can enjoy from there probably the most breath-taking sunsets. The panoramic view allows visitors to experience unique and outstanding sunsets surrounded by the beauty of nature.


The inspirational power of Fiscardo

Fiskardo Kefalonia

Fiscardo is known for its charming architectural design that combines elegance and tradition. Neoclassical houses with imposing balconies and traditional colors are spread among the village. It can be characterized as the ideal movie scenery as everything is in perfect harmony. It was not a coincidence that Fiscardo’s architecture and natural scenery was forming the inspiration for the infamous Greek poet, Nikos Kavadias. The elegant and romantic elements that the village features are an inspiration for every visitor of this exceptional village.


Nature at its finest

Karavomylos Kefalonia

Among the secrets of Kefalonia Island, are the two extraordinary lake caves. For those who claim to be nature lovers, these caves are great examples of the power of nature. The first cave lake is the one located in Karavomylos. It was discovered during 1951 and since then it gradually became a place of interest as it attracts a large number of visitors. The best time to visit this cave lake is during the daytime, as the sun provides the perfect light and the waters become light blue. The cave lake is a natural wonder with a unique atmosphere. The second cave is the one of Sami which features a subterranean lake. According to Greek mythology, the lake was the home of beautiful creatures called Nymphs, and this is the reason explaining the beauty of the lake.


Kefalonia’s National Park

Ainos Kefalonia

The impeccable natural beauty of Kefalonia includes also a national park that is ideal for breath-taking views and outdoor activities like hiking. Ainos Mountain has its highest point at 1628 meters above the ground. The interesting highlight is that this particular mountain is in fact the only national park that can be found on a Greek Island, which makes it worth visiting. Visitors of the national park can observe a variety of trees and flowers. In addition, the forest is home for various animals and small wild horses. Those who are interested in exploring this unique Island national park, hiking can be an ideal option as there are various trails of different difficulty level.


Mouthwatering flavors

almonds Kefalonia

Like any other Greek Island, Kefanolia can take its visitors into a culinary and gastronomic journey full of tastes and flavors. The secrets of Kefalonia’s cuisine are many and visitors willing to explore them will be amazed by the variety of the ingredients. Olive oil, cheeses and meat are among the products that are produced in the Island. Traditional recipes can be found in almost every restaurant on the Island. These local specialties include, among others, “sofigado” which is made with goat meat, “tsigaridia” which is made with wild green leaves and tomato sauce, and “lagoto” which is made with rabbit meat. Never miss the chance to explore the local pastries whose main ingredient is almond like mandola. Kefalonia is also famous for producing a unique variety of wine. “Robola” is in fact a variety of dry white wine produced in the local vineyards