It’s about the beauty that takes you by surprise and the beauty is everywhere you look.

France is a magnificent country with so much on offer. Paris, the capital, is an astonishing city and it is a city that everyone should visit. You can choose to do Paris on foot, from the top of a double decker bus, on a bicycle, or on a tour. It’s a big city but easy to navigate and has an excellent public transport system. It’s also the kind of city where you cannot do everything; there is just too much. Highlight the few things you really want to do, and then, just walk and wander, taking in the ambience, history and romance.

And if you’re in love, well, Paris, and all of France, is the place to be in love. It’s a country where people go weak at the knees and do things they wouldn’t usually do. Perhaps it’s the country where you could get married?

The obvious choice for a wedding in France would be Paris. Paris is expensive but a French wedding would be a great reason to splurge. There are so many magnificent hotels and apartments in Paris that are filled with history, stories and romance. A few nights in the city of love, a wedding, flowers, French food and chocolates and glitzy lights. Paris is the place to do this!

Paris is a city that is worth indulging in. It is the one city where we think a few nights of pure and delicious luxury is divine. And if you are getting married in Paris - well, imagine buying your wedding dress here. Or your wedding cake!

The area of Provence is also exquisite and romantic and is a must see for all visitors to France. Provence is all about fields of lavender, small cafes with delicious food, fabulous wine and vineyards, romantic hotels and romantic people. Again, if you’re looking to get married here, amongst the lavender, do it. Look online, chat to people, do your homework and don’t forget the wedding ring.

If you’re travelling through France in the summer, a visit to the French Riviera is a must. The towns of Nice and Cannes are pure glamour - romance, glitz, beaches, sunshine, great shopping and delicious food. A wedding on board a luxury yacht? It can happen in France.

The French are a passionate people and it’s no wonder holiday makers become passionate in their country. Whatever you do in France, do it with passion. Eat and enjoy every morsel of food you put in your mouth. Drink and savour the wine, or the champagne, as it slides down your mouth. Buy the dress or shoes that you fall in love with. Hold your partner’s hand as you walk along the beach, or the Champs Elysee. Take in the sunset from the Eiffel Tower. Eat the dessert. Get married if you want to! Or just have the most fabulous, fun filled, passion filled, romantic holiday.

Planning a trip to France is pretty easy. You can do your own research or ask a Tour Operator to help you. The important thing is to have accommodation in a good area so you can easily explore and wander. The next important thing is to do it. Visit France. You won’t be sorry.