Probably you will start partying in the Super Paradise beach bar! Dancing with the sounds of famous playlists mixed from the best dj’s in the whole world! Be prepared that parties in the beach usually start in the afternoon and last until the early hours of the morning. Don’t be afraid if you are swimming at the crystal waters of a small deep bay and suddenly you hear the bass from the huge speakers. Perhaps, the dj is testing the consols before he start playing his favorite music and lift your mood up!

Another one super-duper club which is located on Paradise Beach and hosts the best DJ’s from the whole world, is the Cavo Paradiso! Cavo Paradiso, which is an open-air club, is a major player in the night scene and attracting thousands of people every summer. If you are planning to visit Cavo Paradiso, then it will be better to book a table in advance to get in and avoid being squeezed in the crowds!

If you are a sunset fan, or, simply, you want to live and see amazing and picturesque views then, you should visit the Jackie O’ club! Jackie O’ is overlooking the sea and it’s on the top of the list with the best bars in Mykonos Town. Of course you can go there with your family or friends just watch and admire the beautiful sunset. Jackie O’ overlooking the Super Paradise Beach and considers as a great spot for lounging around the pool and the Jacuzzi! Every week, at Jackie O’, you can parting up at the weekly fashion-themed parties with resident artists and guest DJs! Special experience, right?

Do you want to live a nightlife circuit at one megaclub on its own private beach? Then, you will visit the Paradise Beach Club at the Paradise Beach! The most of the action takes places after midnight and, be sure that, serious clubbers are coming to Mykonos and especially at Paradise Beach Club just to hear sounds of the Ministry of Sound, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren etc. At Paradise Beach Club, there is a pool in the center of the club but unfortunately at night due to safety reasons, swimming isn’t allowed so don’t be tempted. If you want to book a ticket, you can bought it during the day from promoters roaming the beach.

The night club Tropicana! One name, 1000 feelings! Tropicana Club is an awarded Club by the Travel Channel in 2012 for the recipient of the Sexiest Beach Bar in Mykonos! Tropicana is an attracting place, plenty of young people in swimwear who come to chill out on the beach! The party is getting started from 4:30 pm every day when the DJs take over the decks! By 12am tropicana it’s in full force especially during the July and August! The majority of the club is Italian tourists and the outdoor dance space heaves until 5am and this is giving a hardcore partygoes time to hit a couple of the other clubs for an hour or two before calling it a night!

Famous location, international yachting, jet set, elite hub, complex of 4 private Cabanas, private outdoor Jacuzzi, endless champagne, gourmet meals, parties, DJ sets, live music, concerts. Did you like what you read? Then, you are able to go to Nammos Mykonos! The hot spot of Psarou Beach! Words cannot describe the majesty of this location! At Nammos, you will find daily parties that seem to immerse from the sea at just the right moment as the DJ senses the mood of the beach! Also, the Nammos Club hosts international entertainment which are featured in parties organized throughout the summer! No words at all.

An international jet-setter for more than 50 years and mostly known for the partying till dawn with guest DJ sets and partygoers from all over Greece: Remezzo at Mykonos Town. Remezzo is now revamped and you can enjoy special seafood at the restaurant, a cocktail bar (if you don’t want to party so hard) and a waterfront lounge with comfy seating! Whatever you want to do, you will be able to have an amazing view over the Aegean Sea and feel the Meltemi wind hugs your body!