Psarou beach in Mykonos

Psarou beach Mykonos

The trendiest beach of the island! Surely you will see many international celebrities to relax with a drink at Psarou beach or relaxing and chill at their huge yachts. If you are a “sport spirit” you are able to swim in the emerald green waters or doing some water sports! Otherwise, there are many sunbeds if you to lie down a little bit before the all day/night long parties! At Psarou beach, you will find plenty of restaurants and bars to indulge your palate and drink exotic cocktails. You may reach Psarou by bus which departs from the Fabric terminal in Mykonos town, or simply walking from Platys Gialos.


Elia beach in Mykonos

Elia beach Mykonos

It is huge and cosmopolitan but never so crowded that you will not be able to sit down. Elia is Mykonos’ largest and most beautiful sandy beach of the island. Elia beach is 25 minutes’ drive by car from the Mykonos town. You can reach it by bus which is departing from the Old-Port. Elia beach is almost completely covered in umbrellas and sunbeds but there’s always a small sunbed-free section for those who prefer to lie on the sand. If you like walking, you may walk to the right over the rocks, where you will find the Agrari Beach. At Elia Beach, there is a plethora of extraordinary restaurants, serving delicious dishes.


Super Paradise beach in Mykonos

super paradise beach Mykonos

Probably you have already heard about the Super Paradise Beach, a global – known beach due to its indescribable parties with DJ’s from all over the world. This party beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Super Paradise is one of the most popular beaches on the island not only for the parties but also for the absolutely crystal clear waters which make it also ideal for families with children. You can reach the Super Paradise Beach by a car and also with shuttle which is operated by the Super Paradise Club and departing from the bus terminal at Fabrika.


Paradise beach in Mykonos

Paradise beach Mykonos

Another party beach is the Paradise. Paradise is the most famous of all of Mykonos beaches because is brought tourism to the island in the 1970s. Up on a hill overlooking the beach, is Cavo Paradiso, a large club, perhaps the most popular night spot in the entire island. Paradise mostly attracts young people who like to dance, drink and lie on the sand all day and night long with the extraordinary sounds of music which are playing from the several bars and restaurants. The parties at Paradise beach are starting in the middle of the afternoon and last until sunrise. That’s why Paradise is the best beach party experience you looking for! If you want something quieter, you can head to the Paraga beach which is just right up the cliff.


Panormos beach in Mykonos

Panormos beach Mykonos

If you are a naturist traveler and you want to explore all the hidden natural treasures from the Mykonos island, perhaps you should visit the Panormos beach. Panormos beach is a largely wild and perfect beach for naturists, nudists and the all the chill people in the world! This beach was discovered on the northern part of the island thanks to the introduction of a bus service. There, you can find also crystal clear waters and an attractive bar. If you want to go to Panormos beach, you are able to take the bus which departs from the Old Port but, because there are usually only a handful of buses throughout the day, prefer to go to the beach by car.


Ornos beach in Mykonos

Ornos beach Mykonos

At Ornos beach, you can feeling the meaning of the greek luxe summer! It’s a good place to swim, eat at the restaurant of your choice, while attending the boats and yachts! Ornos beach is located in the south area of the island, and is an ideal choice for those who prefer a resort atmosphere. You can reach the Ornos beach by car (10 minutes away) from Mykonos town or by bus.


Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos

Agios Stefanos beach Mykonos

If you are a sunset view fan, then, you should explore the Agios Stefanos Beach, which is located close to the new port of the island. If you are a water sports fan or you like to swim at the shallow waters, without the wind bothers you, then you should visit this beach!


Kalafatis beach in Mykonos

Kalafatis beach Mykonos

Popular for families and water sports lovers (especially windsurfing)! Kalafatis beach situated on the eastern side of the island and it’s a serene landscape, away from the crowded beaches. When you visit this beach, you will realize that it is great beach for swimming. A smaller beach named Agia Anna is a short walk away from Kalafatis beach. Do not miss the opportunity of discover it as well!

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