1) Fabulous weather

Croatia ( is blessed with excellent weather! With an average of 13 hours sunshine per day in July and August, and generally good weather throughout May to October, Croatia is definitely a place to consider if you need some warmth!


2) Ancient history

If you have any interest at all in history, archaeology and ancient culture, then Croatia is a paradise. You should see Dubrovnik, of course! With it’s remarkable city walls, dating from the middle ages and its steep, narrow side streets, it’s a fascinating place to explore. Split, further up the coast, was built within the walls of the Emperor Diocletian’s palace, and it’s one of the few places in the world where you can step into a surviving temple of Jupiter (now the cathedral baptistry). Within a short distance of Split, you will find treasures such as the ruins of the ancient city of Salona and the medieval fortress of Klis.


3) Modern culture and history

Even if you have never heard of Croatia’s historic sites, you have probably seen them on television, going by other names. The hit series, Game of Thrones used many of Croatia’s amazing monuments and citadels as backdrops. So, Dubrovnik became ‘King’s Landing’, Diocletian’s palace became ‘Meereen’, the historic walled island town of Trogir became ‘Quarth’…the list goes on. There are maps available for those who would like to retrace their fictional heroes’ steps.

On a more sombre note, Croatia still bears many of the scars from its recent history. For example, as you walk down the limestone-paved main street (Stradun) of Dubrovnik, you may be moved by the sight of pock-marks, left in the stone from the shells that rained down on the city during the siege of 1991-92.


4) Cuisine

Croatian cuisine is a fascinating mingling of regional influences but with its own, unique character. Try the famous ‘paški sir’, a cheese made from sheep’s milk, greagada a fish stew cooked with white wine, parsley, onions, garlic, capers, salted anchovies and potatoes or the many dishes featuring octopus and, whatever you do, don’t miss the truffles!


5) City nightlife

Croatia is buzzing! If you like your nightlife to be of the urban variety, then head to Zagreb, which has a booming club scene and a selection of the hottest party venues that you could wish for. Split and Dubrovnik, though smaller, are not far behind, when it comes to catering for all-night party people.


6) Resort nightlife

Croatia has become one of the hottest destinations for the chic young traveller. Makarska, on the Dalmatian coast, boasts one of the most talked-about party spots – the ‘Rave Cave’ but there are plenty of other places to see and be seen – make sure you visit ‘Carpe Diem’, on the Island of Hvar.


7) Beautiful and varied islands

There are lots of other islands up and down the coast of Croatia. Some are for partying and shopping, whilst others lend themselves more to sightseeing and perhaps a day to recover from the night before! Whether you hire a boat or opt for one of the many ferry services, island hopping is one of the best ways to get a taste of the sheer variety of life in Croatia.


8) Nature

Probably the best-known of Croatia’s many nature reserves is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. With its stunning, turquoise-coloured lakes and breath-taking waterfalls, this is definitely worth a day-trip, if you are in the vicinity.


9) Adventure sports

Croatia is a magnet for adventure lovers. Whether it’s cycling around the hill-towns of Istria, hiking, marathon swimming, sea-kayaking or a host of other options, you’ll find it all in Croatia.


10) Unspoilt Croatia

Shhh…whisper this one…there are still large areas of Croatia that are virtually unknown outside the country. If you like to see places before the crowds get there, then take the opportunity to visit the sleepy villages and gorgeous, wide-open spaces of Slavonia before everyone else does!