You have already seen images on Instagram, posts on Facebook from your friends or people who visited this island and lived their myth! Every single day, there are parties in the most famous spots of the area but Mykonos is not only for the party lovers, it’s an island that offers tasty food, plenty of cultural activities and sandy beaches with tropical turquoise waters. Downtown of Mykonos, you will be able to see the beautiful white/blue houses and the magnificent view of the Aegean sea! You will have the best experience of food, restaurants, shopping, partying, cocktail bars and many other things!

Mykonos island and especially the capital town (Hora) of the island, is not built in the shape of an amphitheater but instead it spreads out over a wide area in contrast to other Cycladic capitals and, yes, this is the first thing that makes Mykonos island unique! You should visit the church of Panagia Paraportiani. This church is the most photographed church in the whole world! It is located at the entrance of Kastro neighborhood right by the sea and its name actually means the Holy Mary who standing next to the entrance door. The most amazing of this church is that it actually consists of five small churches that were built one on top or next to the other. The oldest church of them is Agios Anargyros which was built in the late of 14th century.

Explore the Castle Panigirakis which is a property protected by the Ministry of the Environment as a “Preservable Monument of the Pre-Industrial Period”. The story of the Castle Panigirakis is so romantic! The castle was built from the foundation of true love, Markos Panigirakis and his wife Ismini, whose love dates back to a half a century. The castle walls flow effortlessly around the panoramic views and small touches such as the positions of windows and the famous stone arch create picture perfect vistas, framing the landscape below! Today, this castle is an amazing place for romantic walks, proposals and, of course, parties and events.

For culture lovers the capital offers an archaeological museum where you will find the ancient treasures of Mykonos and neighboring islands. The museum exposing various sculptures, vases and figurines dating back to 9th century BC.

In the center of the town, you will be able to visit the Aegean Maritime Museum founded in 1985 that it unfolds the nautical history of Mykonos through instruments, tools, and various other exhibits.

"Mykonian Folklore Museum" situated at Castro, in a 18th century building, that exhibits paintings, photos, furniture and fabrics.

If you are keen on wandering around and make long walks then, the best part during your stay at Mykonos island will be your walk at Little Venice. Little Venice is one of the most beautiful parts of the island, located on a peak of the land, like a small peninsula. This place is replete with elegant and gorgeous old houses that are situated precariously on the edge of the sea. If you want, you can stay in one of the quaint houses that dot the Mykonos shoreline for the sheer pleasure that they afford. You can sit down with a peg or two of your favorite tipple in the quintessential wooden stairways even as the surging waves crash underneath. Houses are colored with balconies, lining the seafront and you will feel like they are almost falling into the sea! In Little Venice, there are plenty of discotheques, bars, restaurants and also, places for the real party animals! If you are a sunset fan and you want to see an amazing view from the island of Mykonos, then, Little Venice is the best place to feel it! Although, is the most picturesque place not only for the architecture which has but also for the life and the feelings you can have when you are there!

One note that you should have in your mind is about the heart of city which is closed to traffic during the most of the day which make the walk among the labyrinth streets, especially during early morning, particularly agreeable. You can explore the whole main town by foot but, beware of the scooters on the narrowness of the lanes!

Did you know about the whitewashed windmills which are the original trademark of the island? If you don’t, you should go for a walk at the southwest of Mykonos town, next to the sea, between Alefkadra and the quarter of Niohori! Amazing views of the island of Mykonos and also, magnificent view to the Aegean sea! Truly, you should visit them!

Now, if you want to eat, drink or clubbing all night long, you can go wherever you want in the center of the town! Everywhere, the party is on! Just, take a look a walk for a while in Chora and you will understand for what we are talking about!