The islands of Fiji are a result of volcanic activity, and the island nation is a product of volcanic mountains and warm tropical waters. It is also a beautiful land of tropical rainforests, coconut plantations, fine beaches, and fire-cleared hills that are just waiting for you to explore on your next getaway.

Tourism has become the backbone of the island nation’s economy as it has become a great destination for tourists. The varied coral reefs are just one of the many reasons why people itch to go to this island nation. It is also a great romantic destination, with many choosing to spend their honeymoon there.

In this article, we take a look at a few things you can expect to find on your next getaway in the Fiji islands.


Taking a Relaxing Cruise

Fiji is an island nature and offers a lot of ocean and water-related activities to its visitors, ranging from relaxing to thrilling. One of the more relaxing options is to take a leisurely cruise and go on a voyage across the various islands of the island nation.

There are a lot of options available in Fiji for taking a cruise, from short cruises that return you back to land within a few hours to cruises that can last the entire day or longer.

A cruise in Fiji is a memorable experience and it is one of the must-have experiences when you are visiting the islands of Fiji for a getaway.


Participating in Watersports!

There are a number of resorts in Fiji offering a lot of watersports activities like windsurfing, paddle boarding, banana boat rides, kayaking and more. The beautiful islands of Fiji are one of the greatest places in the world to participate in water sports and other water-related activities.

If you spend a getaway in Fiji without utilizing any of the amazing water sports opportunities provided, you are wasting a chance of a lifetime.


Taking in the Diverse Culture of Fiji

The town of Nadi has a diverse culture is one of the best portals through which to experience the culture of the island nation of Fiji. It is a great island to understand the people of Fiji and the way they see the world.

Tourist attractions like Fiji Culture Village provide tourists with an opportunity to experience the life of Fiji and its inhabitants as is. If you are looking to understand the culture of the island better and getting to know the nuances of the people, towns like Nadi are great for exploring on your getaway in Fiji.


Exploring the beautiful coral reefs of Monuriki

The Fiji islands are known all over the world for the beautiful coral reefs that can be found near the islands. The island nation draws a large number of people who are into snorkeling as it is one of the premier destinations in the world when it comes to snorkeling. Fiji is also referred to as soft coral capital of the world.

The coral reefs of Monuriki are known all over the world for their beauty and magnificence and feature on every snorkeling fan’s bucket list.


Enjoy the Fiji Cuisine!

The local Fiji cuisine is filled with unique dishes cooked with innovative techniques using local and fresh ingredients. There are a large number of restaurants in Fiji that serve authentic Fiji cuisine to the visitors of the island.

Notable dishes include Lovo which is a meal that is cooked in an underground oven, Kokoda, and mahi-mahi fish.

Do not forget to taste the delicious and fresh cuisine of the place when you are on your getaway on the Fiji islands.