At Rethymnon, you are able to choose between many gastronomical spots like restaurants, fish taverns and the totally gourmet kitchen. You can eat whatever and anytime you want, especially after one walk at the fantastic Fortezza Castle and the old harbor. Recommendations about where to eat like a “prince” are many, but here, the suggestions are more specific. Let’s see where you can find your personal “tasty spot”!


Prima Plora Οrganic Restaurant & Wine Bar, in Rethymnon

Are you feeling hungry after the romantic walk at the Fortezza Castle? If the answer is Yes, then you can try eating at the Prima Plora Restaurant. Prima Plora is at the western part of the city, at Koumpes region of Rethymnon. The view is amazing because when you sit at the Restaurant for your lunch or dinner, you will have an amazing view of the Castle, the sea and the city of a rocky little coastline. Here, at Prima Plora, the catalogue is so big, so if you want to eat something of the daily menu, make a question to the waiter about the special dish of the day. Highly recommend the Cretan Pitas, wild green salad topped with Cretan bread rusks and a divine avocado salad topped with a gorgeous milky smooth goat cheese cream. “Cheli” dish, is also known at Prima Plora Restaurant because of its butter cream, cow’s butter, truffle oil and a fantastic local homemade bread.

Akrotiriou 4, Koumpes district of Rethymnon, Crete, Greece +30 28310 56990


Taverna Koundourakis, in Rethymnon

Question: think about the most amazing Restaurant or Tavern where you have ever eaten before at your whole life. Did you eat at one terrestrial paradise with water springs surrounding you and beautiful springs that flow from the Mouselas River? No? So, you should go to the Argyroupolli Fish Tavern at Argyroupoli, near Lappa, at Rethymnon for the experience of your life! Fish Tavern’s specialize in freshwater fish cuisine, specifically river fish like sturgeon and trout dishes. If you want, you can caught your own fish too direct from the river. Amazing, right?

Piges Argiroupolis, Argyroupoli, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece


Piazza Di Porto, in Rethymnon

Do you want to eat like a VIP far away from the touristic places with a great view from a terrace and first class food? Then, book your table at Piazza Di Porto Restaurant! The atmosphere and service are amazing and the dishes? Stunning! Piazza Di Porto is housed in the Aquila Hotel and it is an a la carte restaurant. As you read before, the food is such of an excellent quality and the waiters give you time between courses. This, makes dinner or lunch to be relaxed and chill! About the dishes from the restaurant: you can try the veal carpaccio. The meat just melting in the mouth! Also, the prawns and salad or the lamb and steak, are excellent!

Sikelianou & Venizelou 52A, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece +30 6948300715


Pigadi Restaurant in Rethymnon

Last recommendation (but not least) is Pigadi Restaurant. Pigadi is located under the castle of Fortezza, in the heart of the city of Rethymnon. It is beautifully decorated and you are able to take a lot of pictures from the inside of the Restaurant. Pigadi’s kitchen based on the traditional Cretan cuisine with some interesting modern influences just like the vegetables with honey or the dish of chicken in orange and chocolate sause! Amazing tastes and smells!

Pigadi, 31 Xanthoudidou Street, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, +30 28310 27522