In this article, we take a look at five reasons why you’ll adore the archipelago and why you would keep daydreaming about going back after your lovely vacation in the paradise islands is over.



snorkeling Maldives

The Maldives is one of the best destinations in the world for snorkeling. The islands of the Maldives have a lot of opportunities waiting for both people who are experienced in the process of snorkeling and for those who are new to the concept.

You can expect great experiences to be had while snorkeling in the Maldives. Sightings of beautiful anemonefish, gorgeous giant clams, reef sharks, turtles and a host of other marine life can be spotted in the waters near the islands and there is always something interesting to see.

The best time to experience snorkeling in the Maldives is in March when the weather conditions are best suited for the activity.


The Unique Resorts of the Maldives

resorts maldives

There are over a thousand islands in the Maldives and a lot of them are deserted and some of the entire islands are committed entirely to resorts.

By being the size of an entire island, the resorts of the Maldives are some of the best in the world and create very unique experiences for the people visiting them. Some of the striking features of the resorts of the Maldives include good to amazing quality restaurants, great spas (some of which are underground), and great wine cellars.


The Privacy

privacy Maldives

One of the primary things that the Maldives offers is complete privacy and isolation to its guests. There are many resorts which are the size of an entire island and no locals are allowed there except the staff.

If you value spending your time with your loved ones in total privacy in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Maldives is the destination you’re looking for. No other tourist destination in the world can compete with the Maldives in terms of the privacy offered to the guests.

The islands are great for relaxing with your thoughts or for spending a lovely time with your loved ones without any interruption from the outside world. This is why the Maldives are also considered to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.



Dhoni Maldives

The local mode of transport used by the locals to travel between the different islands is a special kind of boat unique to the region called Dhoni. Even though they are commonly found throughout the archipelago, they present a unique way to experience the waters around the Maldives for the tourist visiting the paradise islands of Maldives.

The experience of traveling in a Dhoni is one of the most beautiful things you will do during your stay at the islands and the experience will stay with you long after you are done with your vacation in the Maldives. It will be definitely one more reason that will make you adore the Maldives more!



surf Maldives

The islands of the Maldives prove to be an excellent destination for surfing enthusiastic, especially in the months from April to November.

The waves in the Indian Ocean are much friendlier than the powerful and harsh waves found in other destinations. From March to April weather conditions are great to surf at the Southern Atolls while from May to October we suggest you visiting the Northern or Central Atolls where the monsoon conditions are more optimal. It is one of the best experiences that the Maldives has to offer to its tourists visiting the paradise islands of the world.