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With summer fast approaching we know that traveling presents a risk since the travel restrictions are changing minute by minute which makes it more difficult to go to some of the places you might most want to visit.


Is it safe to travel right now?

As the news shift by the minute, here’s how we’re thinking about travel right now. As we see transmission in communities leads us to the fact that any dense area of people increases the risk of exposure that is why with social distancing we are slowing the spread of the virus in order to give people time to prepare. That is the main reason why some countries have banned large gatherings, shut down museums and other tourist attractions.

We still believe in travel! Even though nowadays it will be more complicated to visit one of your favorite destinations, a plethora of people still plans their holidays after carefully viewing their options and minimize the risks.


After all, you don’t have to go far away to feel that you have traveled!

The directions we have so far are that regarding air traveling the virus doesn’t appear to be airborne. If you decide to travel, experts advise that you wash your hands with soap often, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth and use alcohol wipes and gels if you need to wipe down a surface or do not have access to running water and soap. For older people with underlying health problems avoiding crowded places and long trips is a good idea.

Always have in mind that the travel industry is doing everything in its power to help you with your travel plans.  Those who work in the business are doing everything they can in order for you to be safe and well. Almost all travel companies are bending over backwards to make things right and give to the travelers' unseen flexibilities, as for the airline companies, they change their policy to help frustrated travelers.


Fear of traveling is never a reason to cancel a trip.

Whether you decide to make your trip right now or not, have in mind that traveling is first and foremost a state of mind that is why you should make plans for your next trip.

Unique moments will wait for you!


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