Must-see Places in Corfu Island. The Queen of the Ionian | Traveler by Unique

Here are some of the top destinations you must visit while in Corfu.


Kerasia Beach

Kerasia Beach

Located on the eastern coast near the Rothschild estate enchants every visitor with its clean, crystal clear waters. Kerasia is an ideal spot suited for snorkeling and swimming, and a very unique setting for personal reflections.



Kalamaki beach Corfu

Kalamaki is a beach with glittering sand which makes its appearance a rare occurrence on the northeast coast where most beaches are characterized by pebbles or rocks. Also, its gentle steepness seaward allows for warm water ideal to swim. You can have lunch or dinner at the tavern.


Nissaki beach

Nissaki beach Corfu

This is a small beach with pebble cove with mountain stretch behind. Though Nissaki beach is a small beach with great picturesque and rocky hills, it attracts high traffic of tourists. Early arriving at the beach is what guarantees a space because of the high number of visitors.


Agios Spyridonas

Agios Spyridonas

You need to see the Agios Spyridonas located in Corfu Town where you can see the old church patronized by St. Spiridon who was acclaimed to have wrought many miracles which include his placing an invisible element around the beach to ward off the Turkish invasion around the island in the past. The casket of St. Spiridon casket is still kept in the church till the date.

The beach of Agios Spyridonas is calm and safe. For only 8 Euros you can rent two loungers and an umbrella for a whole day. The water is warm, clear and clean with friendly beach staff.


Old and New Fortress

Old and New Fortress Corfu

The Old and New Fortress are two great landmarks you can explore when you plan to spend a day or two in Corfu town. It is a place that you will enjoy live music concerts with some Greek music maestros performing. In the old past, the old and new fortress was used as a defensive hold-point against invading forces. But today they are part of the worthwhile attractions drawing tourists to Corfu.


Visit Some of The Several Museums Of Great Importance

Museums Of Great Importance Corfu

There are several historical ad archaeological museums of significant importance in Corfu Island that await you.

One such museum is the Archaeological Museum located on the Garitsa coast, close to Maitland Rotunda renowned as the top Ionian museum which holds the 17ft long Artemis Temple. You will also like to see other important attractions like the 7th century sculptured stones of a crouching lion. Other museums you can visit include the Byzantine Museum holding both Byzantine and Christian icons and artifacts. If you are interested in literary facts, The Solomos Museum located in the Mourayio area, Corfu town is a sure place for you to see. This museum holds many portraits and busts, and other personal belongings of the great poet Dionysios Solomos collected from his last resting house. The Corfiot Studies Society put up the museum in 1864 to reserve the memories of the great poet. The Palace of St Michael and St George hold some museums too.


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