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Cyprus is endowed with rugged landscapes, thrilling vineyards upon the mountains, crystal clear blue seas, ancient monasteries and high numbers of amazing world-class hotels. We have carefully prepared a list of “Popular Destinations in Cyprus” that you cannot miss to visit when in the country.


1. Paphos


Paphos is acclaimed as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the legendary Greek goddess of love. Paphos is a charming place blessed with thriving hills. You can take a trip to the natural pools of the Baths of Aphrodite or take a walk around the town center to discover the historic and archeological sites that abound in Paphos as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Paphos is home to a full-fledge zoo and conservation projects where you can explore different types of animals. Paphos Zoo boasts of over 210 different species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, some of which are of rare genres.

The Tombs of the Kings are a renowned site that holds many burial vaults of the aristocratic class of the Paphos residents in the past. You will wonder at the enchanting stonework of the tombs. Paphos is a great spot to be for personal holidays and very ideal for couples and family holidays.


2. Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay

Protaras has a wonderful Blue Flag awarded beach with amazing picturesque called the Fig Tree Bay. It is a golden sand beach with crystal clear shallow waters making it a family and children friendly.

If you are a lover of water activities such as skiing, windsurfing, or parasailing, this is the ideal beach for you. It is also a perfect beach for a family holiday because of its shallow waters; children can joyfully swim in the clear water or play on the smooth beach sands.


3. Karpas Peninsula

Karpas Peninsula

The rugged Karpas Peninsula region is adjudged the most beautiful region of Cyprus. The golden beaches, rugged hills, and clear waters stand this spot out as a charming tourist destination. Looking for where to get the real feel of amazing skiing experience, inviting villages, revealing historical sites; Karpas Peninsula should be your best point of call. There is several yet undiscovered and undeveloped island life of old in this peninsula.

You can travel around in a car because public transport is very rare in this place. Venture to Sipahi to see the mosaics of Agia Triada and Agios Filon church ruins in Dipkarpaz village. You cannot regret any time spent in this wonderful peninsula.


4. Kolosi Castle

Kolosi Castle

In aesthetics, designs, and beauty, Kolossi Castle has no rival in the nation of Cyprus. Though not a gigantic edifice, but the cuteness is very attractive and inviting. Located just outside of Limassol, the old Crusader stronghold serves as a reminder of Cyprus' enigmatic Holy Land Crusades. The Knights of St. John first used the castle as a watchtower because of its excellent location to overlook the coastline. You can visit this castle for its uniqueness and tranquility.


5. Kykkos Monastery

Kykkos Monastery

The Kykkos Monastery is a combination of a Church and Monastery standing on a mountain peak. It is well-decked with ornamental antiques of precious stones, gold, silver, brass, and bronze. To reach the peak, you may have to prop up your hiking gear. There is a museum at the center of the spot where you can learn the documented history of the pre-Christian era. You can also witness and even join the religious fairs that hold on August 15 and September 8 that hold annually.


6. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Care to learn about the ancient Greek and Roman social and cultural life of the past? Then, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is the right place to visit. The site had offered some remarkable discoveries in the past among which are the four villas with outstanding mosaic floors well-preserved from the Roman era. Though a World Heritage site excavation is still going on for more discoveries. You can get deep insights on the deity worshipping, early Christians, the ruins, and early settlers of the island.


7. Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus

The highest point in the nation of Cyprus is the undisputable Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus in the Troodos Mountains, almost at the center of the Cyprus Islands. This Mountain boastfully overlooks the rugged picturesque of the vast land and the Mediterranean Sea gleaming some distance away. One important caution is that visitors and adventurers must be wary of some slithering snakes during the summer periods.


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