You will find the monkey forest in the village of Padangtegal. The locals who live in the village see the forest as a large part of their economy as it brings in tour busses full of excited visitors every day. In fact, this widely popular attraction brings in 12,000 visitors every single month! The conservation is also crucial for the village residents as it is viewed as a spiritual and educational centre.

The Sacred Monkey Forest covers 12.5 hectares of rain forest. The rain forest is the home to approximately 700 monkeys. The monkeys are called Balinese macagues and they have long tails. The forest protects the monkeys and provides them food and everything else they need to live a happy life. You can purchase bananas to feed the monkeys if you want to interact with them up close. Monkeys love the bananas. It is a nice treat for them, as their normal food consists of sweet potatoes and papaya leaves. Since this is a natural habitat for the monkeys you will get to see them as they go about their daily routines. Sometimes you will see monkeys fighting over their territories, food and even the female monkeys.

The forest has hundreds of different plants and trees which give people and animals fresh clean air to breath. The Teak tree is important to Bali as it is used for timber. The forest is filled with Teak trees as well as Nipa Palm trees, Majegan, and Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. Gorgeous flowers are found in the forest such as Jasmine, Anggrek Bulan and the Black orchid. Some of the trees are sacred and used for spiritual practices. Due to the variety of animals and plants, researchers from different institutions will come here to learn about the monkeys. They study the animals to see their patterns and behaviors in the environment they live in.

The area is used for different cultural events and performances including Balinese dancing and local musicians. There are also several festivals, ceremonies, cultural celebrations and of course, events throughout the holidays. There is always something going on and it is always advertised in advance so you can choose to go on a day that you want to see a certain event.

With such a gigantic area, and so many things to see, you’ll want to keep reading to decide where to go first.

Tegenungan Waterfall Ubud Bali

Tegenungan Waterfall was once a secret to those who knew the park well; over the years it has been developed into an area with a few restaurants and gift shops. You will be able to admire some of Bali’s artists selling their work before walking down the path just past the shops. The walk only takes a few moments before you arrive at the falls. The falls are not large; however they do have a strong current during the wet seasons. During the dryer months people can go for a swim in the crystal clean water at the bottom of the falls.

If you head to the middle of the forest you will come across the Alas Kedaton Temple. The accent temple was constructed around 700 years ago. The entrance has 4 gates to let people in, and out. This sacred Hindu temple is always recommended by locals and others who have visited. There are beautifully carved statues around the temple yard. The temple is used for prayer and is only open to residents.

Another temple that is worth a visit is the Holy Spring Temple. With fresh spring water which fills up 2 different pools, there are 3 main reasons why you should visit it. The pools have shower heads lining the sides so people can shower themselves in Holy Water. The first reason this temple is so important to locals and travelers is water that pours from the showers, known to clean us of all bad or evil spirits. The next thing the water is known for is brining prosperity to our lives and the last one purifies our soul.

The dragon bridge is a very cool spot to visit in the forest. The bridge crosses a valley in the middle of the forest. Either side of the bridge has complicatedly carved dragons that reach across the bridge where its feet land on large pillars. The stone steps will lead you right across the bridge. Over the years the bridge has required repair as the statues have had stone break off or wear down. Once the statue is repaired it only takes a few months before moss starts to cover it, making it look like it is in the original condition.

Remember the monkeys are still animals and they are attracted to the smell of food and shiny objects that are visible to them. If they see something they like, they might try to grab it. Staff members and care takers are available throughout the park, to help you if you find yourself in this situation. They are also there if case you need a hand taking pictures or interacting with the monkeys. The care takers spend every day with the monkeys so they have formed relationships with them and are always there to assist you if needed! It is time to charge up your camera and get ready to have a day you will always remember while exploring the Sacred Monkey forest in Ubud.