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Croatia is a multilingual European country where the majority of the people speak English, German, Italian, and some other local languages. You can easily communicate with locals and enjoy your stay.

Why you have to visit Croatia?


Historic monuments

Historic monuments

You can visit many interesting places during your trip to Croatia, but some unique places standout and seem very compelling to see. The larger islands bring the history of Croatia to mind as you behold marvelous architectures and arts of the old era. You will also have the opportunity to see the Roman Emperor Diocletian retirement home in Split, built over 1,700 years ago, which is now one of the UNESCO designated World Heritage sites.

Croatia is donned with over 1250 islands, crags, and islets with amazing panoramic views with unlimited numbers of splendid natural landscapes.

Croatia is one of the countries in Europe with a well-preserved historical and cultural background that will make any visitor wish for another visit. The jaw-dropping sites of the historic cities with their unpolluted nature gifts are some of the places that will arise your curiosity. Zagreb is endowed with many attractions like well-preserved museums, great galleries, historical buildings, and lovely restaurants.




Dubrovnik, a UNESCO acclaimed world heritage site is the most compelling tourist center of the beautiful old town, surrounded by the old strong defensive walls. This is a recommended place to start your exploration by taking a walk around the walls, which spanned a distance of about two kilometers. You will be able to see and savor the old fortresses, cannons, and towers as you continue your explorations along the rugged walls. What more! When on the high elevation of the wall, you can savor the beauty of the old town and a good view of the distant Adriatic Sea which makes for memorable great picturesque. You will need to take this walk with your camera hanging on your neck as you cannot ignore the wonderful scenarios starring you at face.


The pristine beaches and coasts of Croatia


You cannot miss the fun along the coasts adorned with the old harbor, old but well-maintained stone buildings, and series of inviting beaches. If you love adventure, the beaches are waiting for you to enjoy water-skiing, windsurfing, swimming, and scuba diving. Croatian beaches are ideal for yachting and sunbathing. With the diverse destinations to visit, your stay can never be boring.

Talk of the Old Towns in the Dalmatian Coast; Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split, Hvar, and other great towns, you cannot miss the fun of your expeditions to Croatia. You can enjoy a great view of Lubenice on Cres Island, check out the Stiniva beach on Vis Island, and take a summer yacht-sailing in the Adriatic to Kornati islands which is a protected National Park. Brac Island is also a great place that deserves your visit.

The beach in Bol situated on Brac Island remains the most popular beach in Croatia, it is a breach that constantly changes its shapes and colors in response to the dictates of the wind. It is one of the wonders of Croatia.

Susak is another small island with almost a totally sandy beach, it is also one of the best beaches to visit. You need a ferry link to this beach from Mali Lošinj which offers you a great time to take some photos as you sail the ferry. Walking on the Spiaza shallow bay to get into the deep sea is another enchanting exercise that will add to your experience.


Croatia food and wine

Croatia food and wine

The yummy food and wine in Croatia still bear the relics of the influences of the earlier settlers like the Greeks, the Illyrians, the Slavic and the Romans. Great cuisine to savor!


There are several reasons to visit beautiful Croatia to add to your tour experience and see some world natural wonders that never exists somewhere else.


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