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Park History

park history

The Universal studio was started on 30th April 1912; three years later the founder of Universal Studios, Carl Laemmle, opened the park for visitors who wished to see the filming process. The admission fee then was only 5 cents; which included Universal city tour and packed chicken lunch. The city was set up half in a farming area, allowing the tourists to buy some fresh staples. Around 1930, this field trip was suspended due to the studios engaging in making of sound motion pictures. The studio also has a great history with fires; it has been under ignition nine times in total. From its first fire in 1932 to the latest one in 2008, the park studio has survived for 107 years.

In 1962, the studio ownership was taken by the Music Corporation of America; who rescheduled the studio tour and the plan was implemented two years later on July 15th. This newly designed tour itinerary included visits to actual shoots and dressing areas, and this at present has developed as one of the World's most famous Theme Parks.


Blueprint of the Studio and Park


Being from one of the best film producing studios in the world; Universal Studios had to be dramatic for their theme park construction. The actual area is now distributed into two halves- Upper Lot and Lower Lot; which are connected with an array of escalators called the ‘Starway'. And they have proved their creativity by giving out large outdoor play region, 7 different shows, and 9 breathtaking rides.


Upper Lot

upper lot

Words are less to define this heaven for the people out there who love fantasy, special effects and animation. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, Minions, Simpsons, Waking dead and Kung Fu Panda to name a few; this place is a must-visit. The lot is divided into smaller sections in which the people can be a part of the specific movie world. A small Gru’s lab café, Three Broomsticks restaurant, Kwik-E-mart are some of the loads of special facilities people can enjoy.

After crossing through these biomes, there is a short tram tour that takes you to see the backstage working and filming of shows. It also takes your through a tunnel ride seeing King Kong’s skull island, a trip to the Jurassic and so many more.


Lower Lot

lower lot

It is the smaller one of the two; and has 3 exciting rides named Jurassic World, Revenge of the Mummy and Transformers. Jurassic world ride takes the crowd through the movie events of the Jurassic world, and the people excited for this, warning- the ride has lots of water exposure. Revenge of the Mummy is one of a kind indoor roller coaster ride that accelerates up to 45 miles per hour! And last but one of the best- Transformers ride 3D is an interactive ride in which the person is supposed to protect AllSpark from the evil hands of Megatron.

Universal Studios have been present back then and will provide better amusement services in the upcoming years. It is said to be one of the eldest film studios in the history of the cinematic industry and is still evolving. With the formal tag of the "Entertainment Capital of Los Angeles"; the studio is determined to keep its viewers and visitors engaged and reach the people in a better way.