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Norway situated at reasonable high latitude, especially her northern towns of Mo i Rana, Harstad, Tromsø, Alta, Bodø, and Narvik. These towns are often referred to as the land of the ‘northern lights’ or the land of the ‘midnight sun’. They also fall within the Arctic Circle, which makes them perfect spots for viewing the Northern Lights.

Taking a trip to see the Northern Lights in Norway 1

Before completing the preparation for your trip to see the Northern Lights, remember to check on these facts.

  • Go to the right place

Basically, your chances of getting good views of the Northern Lights lie on heading to the northern regions of Norway. Norway is a large country, though with a fair population, but remember that the Northern Lights are not fairly seen throughout the country. There had been reports of sighting the auroras displays in some far down southern spots like in the towns of Trondheim and Rauland, but these are rare chances. So, don’t go to Oslo or Bergen to view the Northern Lights, head northward!

  • Plan for enough time

Remember that your flight to Norway may take you Oslo or Berge, so you need enough time to travel to best view spots in the north either by local flights, train or road. Give yourself adequate travel time in your itinerary.

  • Timing

Northern Lights are watched in the day time when the weather is a bit warm, but in the night (possibly to the early part of the morning) when the temperatures usually drop drastically. Since you will be waiting for the auroras for a long time and in the cold, it is better to prepare yourself with the best sweaters, winter jackets with hoods, and gloves. Otherwise, you will run away before the Auroras arrive.

  • It is better to book a northern lights tour

This will help you head the right way. The tour organizers know all the good viewing spots, they will take you there. You will enjoy the services of the tour guides who know where to get the best aurora hunting experience.

Taking a trip to see the Northern Lights in Norway 2

Best season to see the Northern Lights in Norway

Best time to visit Norway for Northern Lights is November to March when the nights are longer than days. But if you make your trip between September and March, you will still be in great chance to witness the celestial wonders.

If your trip to Norway is specifically to see the Northern Lights, you may need to include one or two of the best spots to watch the ‘dancing lights’. Below are some great viewing destinations to choose from.

Taking a trip to see the Northern Lights in Norway 3

Surest places to see the Northern Lights in Norway

  • Tromsø: For a wonderful Northern Lights experience, a visit to Tromsø will be very fulfilling. You can watch either from some locations in the city, but you may have to cope with light pollution in some cases. But you can endeavor to move out of the city of Tromsø to some nearby mountains using the Fjellheisen cable car for better views. Cloudless nights will yield better results. Lyngenfjord. Northern Lights in Lyngen Fjord.
  • Alta: Except for some occasional bad weather, Alta and nearby small towns offers great spots to get glimpses of the Northern Lights. There other inland towns around Alta where you can go hunting for the auroras such as Altafjord and Øksfjord.
  • Bodø: The town of from Bodø is home to the Mjelle Beach from where you can have clear watching of the Northern Lights. The cool soothing beach breeze could get your mind well prepared for the celestial visitation of the auroras.
  • Svalbard: This Island is a great place to explore when you head on to Northern Norway, at least for its un-meddled natural Arctic wilderness, great landscape, and rich rare wildlife. Although the springs and autumns produce sunlight, the polar nights, which produce no daylight make Longyearbyen a beehive of activities for Northern Lights hunters. You may plan a visit to this spot from early November to late for a successful Aurora experience.
  • Varanger: A visit to Varanger between October and March will give you a rewarding view of the Northern Lights spectacular displays. Best places to hunt for the Northern Lights in Varanger are the rural areas free from city light pollution. With enough cloudless sky, Varanger offers you sure spots to experience the auroras display.
  • Lofoten: Lofoten is a snowy town. You can settle in many places on this cool island and watch the auroras displaying in the sky. You are not likely going to record a memorable Northern Lights experience from this spot.