Magical places to view auroras | Traveler by Unique

To avoid a waste of time and money, you should know the best places you can successfully watch the aurora display. We have listed some high-success spots to watch the auroras and take good photos too!


1. Fairbanks in Alaska

Fairbanks in Alaska

Fairbanks in Alaska is located near the International Airport in Alaska, and it is just two degrees below the Arctic. Fairbanks remains the best place in the US to have a clean and clear view of the Northern Lights. It is aided with its own Aurora forecast system. Fairbanks organizes tours for visitors to take them to the best viewing points. Logically, the best period to go watching at Fairbanks is from late August to the mid-April.


2. Iceland


You can’t miss a good view of the Auroras in certain viewing places in Iceland. Going to Iceland late August to mid-April will offer you an accomplished mission, with some patience and luck though. Places to get the best view of the Northern Lights in Iceland, include Kirkjufell Mountain, Reykjavík, Threngsli, Seltjarnarnes, and many other areas.


3. Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø is the largest urban city of Norway located about 217 miles above the Arctic Circle with moderate temperatures with the presence of the Lyngen Alps around.


4. Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden

The Kiruna town which is farther to the northern part of Sweden always welcoming large numbers of tourists for the display of auroras especially from mid-September to later part of March. Kiruna is home to some beautiful attractions like large numbers of reindeers, Sami culture, the IceHotel, and the Abisko National Park. Although Kiruna is a much colder town, it offers a good view of the auroras.


5. Tasmania and New Zealand

Tasmania and New Zealand

Southern Lights popularly called Aurora Australis are very rare when compared to the Northern Lights frequencies. Only very few places can boast of Southern Lights clear views. Lucky you if you want to have a feel of the Southern Lights. The southern tip of Tasmania that falls in Australia and that of New Zealand will welcome you for displays of the Southern Lights. Because of the more persistent dark sky, you will be able to have sights of southern lights displays. Fortunately, you can visit this location anytime as the auroras are virtually all year round.


6. Vík


Vic is a quiet town located on by the black beach in Iceland. You can watch the Northern Light spectacles by just sitting on the black beach. The sounds of the ocean waves keep your mind celestially focused as you wait for the auroras to show up in the sky. Great photo shots can also be achieved, reflecting the waves on the foreground.


7. Látrabjarg / Westfjords


How amazing will it be when you stand nearby and watch the Northern Lights dancing their usual enchanting dance above the cliffs? This could be your best bet for beautiful Northern Lights watch free from light pollutions. The only caution is terrain that needs some careful maneuvering, especially in wintertime.


8. Yukon - Canada

Yukon - Canada

Yukon stands out as the best places to see the amazing Aurora Borealis in Canada. Yukon stands at a great advantage over other places because of its location and latitude. Aurora Borealis draws a large number of tourists into the area. Some hotels in Whitehorse specially cater to the tourists who are on Northern Lights watching mission. Northern Lights Resort and Spa has special chalets to watch the spectacles of auroras while you enjoy the warmth inside your chalet. October through March stands as the best time to watch the Aurora Borealis since most night skies are dark. Meanwhile, you can also view throughout the year with better and greater chances during the winter.