Best Places in Europe to Hike | Traveler by Unique


1. Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is discovered to be at the center of the Swiss Alps mountain range, with panoramic hikes you can relish any season. This is what makes it an impeccable spot for family enjoyment.

Green pristine summits, snowy peaks, and turquoise lagoons encircling you will leave you to spell bounded. The brittle mountain air, the flawless breeze, and an eye-opening landscape will make you sense as if you were on a path to paradise.

Schilthorn Peak is fairly tricky for newbies. If you’re incapable of handling the elevation and long haul, you can drive back on a cableway.


2. The Flysch Route in Spain

The Flysch Route in Spain

The Flysch course exhibits a multitude of exceptional and inherent rock structures that were developed from the miracles of climate variations and mother earth. Some of these rock structures have been existing since 50 million years!

An additional interesting fact about this hike is that this is the location where Games of Thrones recorded the footage of several of their episodes. This is an unforgettable experience of a one day hike due to the remarkable presence of its pictorial panorama till the bottom of its electrifying cliffs.


3. Fairy Pools in Scotland

Fairy Pools in Scotland

The Fairy Pools can be revealed at foothills of the Black Cuillins nearby Glenbrittle, incorporating astonishing crystal clear blue pools on the River Brittle.

These pools are great ‘Insane Swimming’ sites for those who are quite fearless to penetrate the icy-water, thereby alluring tourists from around the globe.

The trek to the pools exercises the same course round-the-trip. The total return mileage is 2.4km, with the standard period being 40 minutes (with no stops).

The hike is classified as ‘Short’ length and ‘Medium’ for difficulty.

Carbost is the closest suburb to the Fairy Pools on the West of Skye, the course to Glenbrittle is the departure point of the hike. This trek can be risky during monsoon showers.

This first waterfall tracks the beginning of the enchanting pools. Take a moment to trek your path up the stream and explore all the pools.


4. Hiking the Ladder of Kotor in Montenegro

Hiking the Ladder of Kotor in Montenegro

Also known as the Ladder of Cattaro. This mythical hiking track was the sole course that linked Kotor with Njegusi district and Cetinje since ages.

The track goes aloft the mountains to Krstac Pass beginning from Kotor. The bounty is the incredible standpoints of the Bay of Kotor for those who retain the courage to reach the summit.

For wanderers seeking an adrenaline rush, this turns out to be the best hike. This trail leads you high up into the mountains behind Kotor. The trailhead is at the exterior of the Old Town.

Backward-and-frontwards it twists in a zig-zag-manner up the mountain, this lets you encounter the magnificent views across the Bay of Kotor.

The path is extremely-rocky and at-times erratic. There is a minimum of 70 zig-zag bends on the trail.


5. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This lagoon park is one of the most unique allurements for every individual who visits here. One can view 16 interlinked lakes each comprising of different shades of blue like turquoise, green, and Olympic blue. The waterfalls, crossroads, and the lagoons along with the greenery grant a magical effect to this location when blended. This feels like walking on a path to heaven!

One can take several photographs of the breath-taking sites and lagoons. Not just that, you can go caving or devote some days scouting via boats or electrically-driven trains. It is recommended by travelers to pay a visit in early October because that is when the climate is impeccable.

Hiking is good for our physical as well as psychological well-being, hiking clears the mind and alleviates stress, it makes us merrier, enhances sleeping quality and much more. We hope that our hiking location guide might have helped you decide your next weekend trek location.