Best rainforest destinations | Traveler by Unique


1. Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Puerto Maldonado

A small city in the south of Peru was forded during the 20th century, and hosts one part of the Amazonia forest. It is one of the best places for people who have short term vacation or fixed budget. A great spot to interact with nature; you can easily spot a large variety of butterflies. The Tambopata National Reserve is an area solely based on animal and plant life protection. It is spread in 679,500 acres of land, spread up till the Bolivian border. Best way to travel around- Boats. The motor or paddled boats can transport you everywhere in the Puerto Maldonado; they pick you up from the ports and drop you to your lounge or accommodation areas; which to commend are very inexpensive. To do things here include bird watching, caiman spotting, an adventure trek and try the delicious local cuisines.


2. Alta Floresta, Brazil

Alta Floresta

Another small town placed in the south of manifold Brazil and on the bank of Tapajos River, which later joins the main Amazon stream. The dense forest is mostly found in the north of the city where you can stay at the lodge made inside Cristalino State Park and feel the nature closely. Easy to spot several endemic species through an ecotourism trekking or boat trip near the Cristalino River. You can go hiking, trekking, bird watching or for photography. The most famous tourist attraction here is the National History Museum, to know about the past of the city and various studies done on the local ecological system.


3. Belize, Central America


Want to have an escape like Lara Croft? Enjoy nature and history together here at Belize, the perfect sport for Lara Croft styled adventures. The place is associated with Mayan culture, and the explorers have found lots of ruins proving the existence of civilization. Ruins here are surrounded by thick Central American forests. You never know and in one forest clearing, you might stumble upon some of this huge debris. With the enormous Mayan mountains stretch, you can also find some fascinating natural wonders and animals. Can have a cozy night in a nice lodge here, many of who offer adventure activities, meals, and travel services with the stay. And to add on to its magnificence, the Belize town sits on the coastal region; to allow its visitors enjoy a nice ocean view from their lodges.


4. Gabon, Africa


Visiting Congo in Africa can be difficult with all the hiking prices and lack of accommodation. Gabon, however, is said to be the ‘Costa Rica of Africa'; rich in the Congo rainforests and its products. The residents used this positive aspect to increase the tourists; they have developed lodges to provide the best wildlife experience and various other services. This is the only place in the whole world where the tropical rainforest reaches the coastal region and the ecosystem is different from that of a major part of the African subcontinent. Bird watching is one of the major reasons for tourists to visit this site. But you can also go for long walks on the beach or the forest, boating out in the ocean, local culture, and food.


5. Rwanda, Africa


Another African rainforest destination and is also known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’. You can find un-expectable while traveling through the Rwanda forests. With warm welcoming residents, this place is full of wonders of nature which are safeguarded by four different National Parks named- Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Nyungew National Park, and Gishwati Mukura National Park. The Volcanoes National Park is famous for the Gorilla sightings whereas the Nyungew forest is for its Chimpanzees. Covering slightly less area than 1000 km2 they are home to the best-preserved forest in the whole of Africa. You can view a wide variety of animal kingdom here including 300 bird species and different types of primates.