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This is one of the top reasons why scientists have always been too curious to explore these grounds. Some take specimen samples, while some stay in the settings to observe animal behavior and plant growth. And also, a greater tourist attraction that gives out various exploration opportunities and memorable experiences.

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They are divided into two basic types: Tropical Rainforests and Temperate Rainforest. The tropical rainforest is located near the equator. On the contrary, the temperate rainforests are found along the coasts between the Tropic of cancer-Arctic circles or between Tropic of Capricorn-Antarctic circles. Some of the few famous rainforests in the world are:

  • Amazon Rainforest, South America
  • Congo Rainforest, Central Africa
  • Valdivian forest, South America
  • Daintree Rainforest, Australia
  • Sundarbans reserve, India
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However, it is not the ideal type of trip for everyone; the forests put up a physical and emotional test for all who try and enter. Some basic tips for all the people who want to experience rainforests:

  • Repellant: Must-have-item in your kit; with approximate 70,000 different types of insects moving around in your surroundings, it’s obvious to take better protection along everywhere and every time. Use it at least thrice a day, before lunch after a bath you must apply a nice layer of bug repellant and also a few minutes before entering the forest area.
  • Appropriate clothing: No matter if they are fresh; they should be loose and breathable for your skin and at that temperature level quick-dry type too. Leave the denim or cotton at all costs! No denim or cotton clothes, it is the worst gear choice. Carry body covering light-weight outfit. Wear hiking boots and the ones with waterproof soles, not normal sports-shoes.
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  • Backpack: Take a waterproof fanny pack or a smaller shoulder bag where you can store your water, digital camera and binoculars, Swiss army knife, battery-operated flashlight, money (if needed), map, all-weather tent (if camping the night), some essential medicines and some sunscreen. Take only the necessary items don't carry bulk, might regret after a long trek.
  • Avoid chaos: Try not to make unnecessary noises; you might end up attracting lots of attention from the animals. Do not use flash for taking pictures of anything. Pack your dry snacks; try not to pack a lot of sugar or sweet (just the lozenges), it might attract the insects.
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  • Be ready for the mess: Your dresses will get dirty, do not object. You are stepping into the muddy forest, not into a gala, be prepared for using those muscles and brain. Face all the challenges that come up.
  • Do not touch: No one likes to be poked without any reason, stay away from practically everything because the animals and insects have developed certain camouflage with nature. Try not to pull any vines, or touch the bark of any tree; you might have no idea of what could come up to surprise you and your mates. Be observant, of everything around you (even your group).
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  • Stick to the trail: Don't bother to leave the path and go extra adventurous; the animals might show slight objection to your sudden turn-up. Make sure you and your group stick together and no one is left behind.
  • S-T-O-P: If you lose the trail in the jungle anyways remember to: - stop don’t panic, take time to think, observe your surroundings and plan an escape.