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Basically, wedding ceremony and activities are energy-sapping which consequently gets the couples down on energy level. Honeymoon is a time to calm down and relax. A perfectly planned and executed honeymoon will restore all the drained energy, rejuvenate the mind, create fresh bonding, and allow ample time for the couples to see into their future and plan their family structure better.

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Why honeymoon is necessary

The essence of a honeymoon is a way of just being, loving and living. It is time to start the married life in a positive way full of expectations. It is time to reflect on the realities of married life to create a positive set with positive and sincere interactions with positive feelings. Honeymoon is the marker of the beginning of a brand-new life for the couple; hence it signifies the launching of a new ‘married life’.

The real importance of a honeymoon is to

The real importance of a honeymoon is to

  • Provide the couple to relax after the hassles of planning for the marriage
  • To create and enjoy privacy and intimacy without the usual ‘crowding’ experienced during the planning for the wedding, during the wedding celebration and shortly after the wedding. A time to relax and enjoy their new married life.
  • It is time to create a positive set and standard for intimate interactions and uninterrupted positive feelings.
  • Honeymoon is a memorable marker for understanding, strong bonding, and the pivot on which the couple’s future stands.

In all these, a couple needs to plan ahead for a wonderful time during their honeymoon. The couple needs to plan together and decide what type of honeymoon they intended to have. There are some factors to consider when planning for the honeymoon such time and availability, period to spend on the honeymoon, desired destination, and available cash for the honeymoon.

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To achieve and enjoy the best honeymoon of your admiration, the following are what you should consider and make plans for:

  1. Early Planning: A honeymoon is not planned after the wedding, but the planning starts months before the marriage. This will allow you to cut down on the costs of flights and hotel. When you make bookings long enough, you can get great prices. Making your bookings about 6 months prior to your honeymoon will make you secure the right choice of flight and hotel.
  2. Consider the time and work schedules: You need to both consider the appropriate time for your honeymoon in relation to your work schedules. Do you both the same free time from your workplaces? Have both of you been granted some leave from your work? This consideration will go a long way to determine when to proceed on your honeymoon and the number of days or weeks you need to spend on your honeymoon. I’m sure you don’t want to return from your honeymoon searching for another job.
  3. Do things together: A honeymoon is a twin event; hence the couple-to-be needs to plan and agree together. This will make things work well without jeopardizing the interest of either party. Additionally, this will allow each party to indicate areas of interest and expectation. You need to create a unique and personalized honeymoon for yourselves, not picking up some other couples’ honeymoon program. It may not work for either party.
  4. Consider available options: It is important to jointly consider available options of what you want in terms of destination, recreational activities you want, a resort or a countryside setting, a seaside camping, and other options. Then decide on the best option that meets your need.
  5. Seek second opinions: Neither you nor your spouse has ever been to the place of your choice, then, you need to get informed opinions from those who had been to the place. This will help you to have a deeper understanding of if what is available there is what you really want. You may talk to some friends, some family members or better still to an experienced and trusted travel agent. You may also research into information on the web and read past users’ reviews.
  6. Make an appropriate budget: This is why it is necessary to make an early plan for your honeymoon. Set up an appropriate budget for your honeymoon. A wedding can be very costly and there could be rising wedding costs, which may eat into your honeymoon budget. Avoid this by being resolute about your honeymoon budget. Remember that the wedding is for ALL while the honeymoon is for you and your ‘life partner’ and a tool for your successful married life. Enjoy the freedom to make your honeymoon a lifetime experience; work out your budget.
  7. Don’t rush into your honeymoon: Don’t rush, there is plenty of time! Some couples will rush into their honeymoon destination right after the wedding reception or just the next day after the wedding. This may not work well because you don’t need to honeymoon with all your accumulated pre-wedding and wedding stress and fatigue. One partner may be too exhausted to fully offer the required fun to meet the aims of the honeymoon. Take a few days to rest, regain your energy and composure before proceeding on a honeymoon treat.


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With careful planning, good budget, and good timing, you will enjoy your honeymoon and build a perfect standard set for your married life. Happy honeymoon!