Things you need to know before traveling to a rainforest | Traveler by Unique

That being said, it is still worth all the discomfort when you're visiting a rainforest. They exist on the equatorial continents of the world- tropical northern Australia, the Amazon jungle, or Madagascar. Scientists believe that half of the total species of the world reside in rainforests. Here is a list of things you need to know before visiting one.


1. Hire a local forest guide

Things you need to know before traveling to a rainforest 1

Hiring a local guide is highly recommended, advisably a few days before starting your venture. You not only support the local economy by doing so but you will also gain bigger insight into how life is in the rainforest. Your guide will advise you the best on what to wear, eat, where to sit, what plants to avoid, etc. You are advised to always listen and follow them, nobody is as used to the jungle as they are, certainly not first-time visitors. It would be incredible to learn from a person whose job is to search for wildlife to show off to tourists.


2. Mosquitoes EVERYWHERE, There’s Nowhere You Can Hide

Things you need to know before traveling to a rainforest 2

The mosquitoes in the rainforests are practically the major cause of concern for anyone visiting. Always keep repellents in stock, don't just stop on one bottle of it. You should make a habit of putting them on your clothes just like on any portion of exposed skin. Taking a malaria medication kit is also recommended and of course, take the flu shots before starting on your trip.


3. Look Out For Leeches

Things you need to know before traveling to a rainforest 3

Another major concern to be on the lookout for when in a rainforest are leeches. Your guide will advise you to spray your boots with an insecticide of a specific kind. By the end of a walk, your boots will surely turn to look like a graveyard of leeches. But if any of that fails and you fall prey to this pest, don't be too concerned if you see a lot of blood on your sock or anywhere else. Stay calm and remember the best way to remove one attached to your skin is by sliding a sharp fingernail to break the contact from your skin, your guide will probably do that for you. However, do not burn the leech with a cigarette or lighter as it will disgorge the ingested blood into the wound.


4. Stay Calm

Things you need to know before traveling to a rainforest 4

Steady your nerves at all times. Panic exhausts the body without even having to lift a limb. No matter what happens, you need to stay calm to survive out a rainforest visit. The mosquitoes, the pests, the weather, the food, the discomfort, and the tiredness might take the hardest test of your patience. But loosing your cool and doing what you think is best in situations you know nothing about is advised. Listen to what your guide says and respect the way nature works. All the hard times are worth the beauty of the rainforests you travel to.


5. The Rainforests Are Getting Thinner, Do Your Due To Save Them

Things you need to know before traveling to a rainforest 5

There is not a single place in this world so isolated from the hustle and bustle of the civilized modern life as the rainforests. Yet they are the most affected by it. Research on steps you can take to save them. Avoid packing one-time use plastics or things that might prove to be harmful or non-biodegradable to the environment of the rainforest. Hope isn't left yet, there isn't a better place to be than to be in a rainforest.

They are the most rewarding and enchanting places in the world to visit but they are under the threat of extinction because of the careless activities of humankind. Do your due research and help save the lungs of the planet.