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The Island of Paros is one of the must-visit gastronomic destinations of Cyclades and showcases an incredible variety of ingredients, techniques, and traditions that were passed from the one generation to the other. The plethora of options is mixed up with the Cycladic and Greek cooking style, allowing a mouth-watering result. Allow yourself to enjoy the maximum of your holidays and eat like a local by trying some of the Island’s signature products and recipes.


Where to eat

Where to eat - Paros

The Island of Paros features an incredible number of dining facilities that are spread all over the Island and can be found in every village. As it can be easily said, the two most vibrant and popular villages on the Island, Parikia, and Naoussa, can concentrate the great majority of these facilities. In both of the villages, visitors can enjoy dining in elegant fine restaurants, exclusive fish restaurants and in charming traditional taverns. Also, Parikia and Naoussa have many options regarding international fast food, Asian, Italian and Mexican food for those who wish to enjoy a more standardized meal.

However, tasting the real Mediterranean and Greek food will be a truly memorable experience for all. The simplicity and the minimalism of Greek cuisine can be found in multiple restaurants around the Island. For those who wish to avoid the crowds of the popular villages, Paros has great restaurants and taverns in almost every other village allowing travelers to enjoy their culinary experience in a more relaxing and quiet setting.


The culinary tradition

The culinary tradition - Paros

As in every other Greek Island, locals managed through the ages to take advantage of what the Mother Nature was able to offer them. In this case, the people of Paros were sourcing products from the sea and from the soil which in turn had an impact on the formation of the locals’ culinary habits. Among the most common products of Paros are vegetables, fruits, olives, snails, grapevines, capers, oregano and herbs. In addition to the above mentioned, high-quality fishes and seafood are the crown jewels of the Parian gastronomy as they can be found in abundance in the surrounding Aegean Sea. Due to the locals’ need to be self-sufficient, extraordinary combinations of these products emerged in a mouth-watering and delicious way that positively surprises visitors.


What to eat

What to eat - Paros

What makes Greek cuisine truly special is its ability to combine taste with high nutritional value at an all in one package. This very same principle is applicable in Paros Island as well. Among the various recipes served in traditional taverns and fine restaurants, some particular ones are characterized as must-try Parian options. Locals cook chickpeas regularly and the cooking process is the most interesting part. Chickpeas are cooked in a wooden oven during the night and until lunchtime. Tastiness, aromas, and softness are some of the elements that are being enhanced during this slow cooking method. Other characteristic Parian recipes include, among others, casserole snails, snails with garlic sauce and a refreshing and light string bean salad. When in Paros, travelers can also enjoy a sun-dried mackerel, called Gouna in Greek, which is one of the most famous recipes on the Island.

The list with the things that one should try when in Paros also includes some of the locally produced goods. Cheese lovers can immerse themselves into the Parian cheese culture as three different types of cheese are produced in Paros; Graviera, Touloumotyri and Xynomyzithra. Besides, the Island of Paros is known for its grapevines that are taking advantage of the ideal weather conditions to enable the formation of two great wine varieties, one red and one white. For those who like enjoying some sweets, in Paros, there is a variety of spoon sweets which are often served after every meal in a restaurant. In general, the Island has a lot of options and an enriched culinary tradition that is worthy of being explored. Its characteristic simplicity in regards to the ingredients is one of the core factors allowing a tasty, mouth-watering and excellent outcome. Paros is an option and a must destination for foodies who wish to spend their holidays on a Greek Island.


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