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Lake Voulismeni

voulisma - Agios Nikolaos

Right in the center of Agios Nikolaos town, there is a small lake of a circular shape, called Lake Voulismeni. The lake is surrounded by imposing and steep cliffs on the one side, while on the other side there are cafeterias, bars and restaurants offering great views over the lake. Visiting Lake Voulismeni is a top option as there is an ample sense of romance throughout, especially during the night. An interesting highlight is that there is a local legend connected to this beautiful spot. According to the myth, the goddess Athena choose this location in order to bathe, and for many years people believed that the lake was bottomless. However, this belief was rejected when it was proven that the lake has a depth of 64 meters. In 1870 a small channel was constructed that connects the lake with the sea allowing only small boats to enter the lake.


Lasithi Plateau

Lasithi Plateau - Agios Nikolaos

Crete, in general, is characterized as one of the most fertile areas of Greece due to its massive agricultural production. During your holidays in Agios Nikolaos, visiting Lasithi Plateau is a must-do activity. Lasithi Plateau is considered to be among Crete’s most fertile spots and raises at an altitude of 840 meters above the sea level, just behind Agios Nikolaos town. There are many charming villages to visit and a lot of fields to observe in an effort to understand the Cretan tradition and history. Lasithi Plateau is mostly known for producing potatoes and cereals, among many others. There is also a great attraction to visit during your time there, the Diktean Cave, that features stalagmites and stalactites and according to mythology, it is the birthplace of Zeus.



Kritsa - Agios Nikolaos

The list with the top places to visit in Agios Nikolaos also includes an option for those who wish to explore and observe the authentic lifestyle of the Cretan people. Few kilometers away from Agios Nikolaos, there is a picturesque and charming mountainous village called Kritsa. The settlement is surrounded by olive fields and offers an exquisite sense of serenity and relaxation away from the crowds. The village’s whitewashed houses are built on a hillside allowing visitors to admire the minimalism in their architectural design. Kritsa’s center is found in the main street of the village. Their visitors can find traditional cafeterias and taverns serving delicious food. The main street also features some shops where travelers can purchase locally made crafts and souvenirs of all types.



Museums - Agios Nikolaos

Except for the beautiful beaches and charming villages, Agios Nikolaos also has two museums worth visiting. Firstly, the Archaeological Museum is an interesting place to visit as it exhibits items from the Eastern Crete and from various historical periods. The museum is small and easy to explore, and features interesting collections from the early Minoan cemetery of Mochlos, from the Zakros palace, from Lato and Elounda. An interesting highlight is that the museum hosts an exceptional collection of ancient coins and more than 1500 vases. Secondly, visitors of Agios Nikolaos can also visit the Folklore Museum, which offers an interesting journey in the lifestyle and traditions of the local people through the ages. The museum hosts a collection of old photographs, paintings, costumes, handicrafts, furniture and items of a traditional Cretan house.


Palm Beach

Palm Beach - Agios Nikolaos

One of the must-visit spots during your time in Agios Nikolaos is the Palm Beach or Foinikodasos as it is called in Greek. This particular beach is one of the most known and popular in the region as it perfectly resembles an exotic and tropical backdrop of unique natural beauty. The beach has a golden sandy terrain and features emerald crystal-clear waters. However, what makes this beach truly spectacular is the fact that it is surrounded by 5000 palm trees, which create a jungle-like setting. In fact, Palm Beach is Europe’s largest palm groove and is due to the aforementioned, the area is protected, and any developments are restricted. The beach can be reached with a two-hour drive from Agios Nikolaos and is a popular daily excursion for travelers.


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