A walking tour in Stone Town, Zanzibar | Traveler by Unique

The destination is astounding, and you need to spend time wandering through it to feel its vibes and admire the numbers of attractions. This rejuvenates and refreshes the senses while giving the chance of seeing the dhows traverse at a slow pace across the calm waters of the Indian Ocean.

The catchy feature about the stone town is that it is an exciting maze of alleys and is easy to get lost! But there is no need to worry. Either you would come across something you had seen earlier and traced the path. Or you can always ask one of the friendly shopkeepers.

There is a lot to do at the stone park, and you can chat with unknown people and have tea. Here are some must check out prime attraction at the stone town:


1. Darajani Market

Darajani Market - Zanzibar

The Darajani Market is characteristically the right spot to initiate your excursion if you get started in the mornings. As the noon falls, you’d come to figure out that the temperature is higher.

The prime stuff to look out for at the Darajani market are spices, foods, baskets and color. They got fruit and vegges market, and a fish and seafood market. They are both in secluded areas, and it keeps the food fresh. One is sure to come across a vivid display of items. It is also the right place for finding authentic spices. Rambutan is the dish to try out at the destination.

Angelican Cathedral is a nice site in the vicinity, and one may choose to visit it.


2. Jaws Corner

jaws-corner-1 - Zanzibar

Jaws corner is a place where friends meet. Spending time over here brings one tete to tete with the residents of the stone town. One can sit and have strong Arabic coffee or sweet ginger tea. People often watch live matches over here.

One also has a choice at buying fruits from the local vendors.

It was for centuries that the stone town used to be a destination of incoming and outgoing ships from Asia. Over the doors over the stone town, one can see imagery that illustrates the same.

The types of doors that one comes to see at the stone town are Indian, Arab and Swahili. Arab doors, among them, are nicely illustrated and decorated in particular. They often have an inscription in Arabic.

Traditionally, the doors used to be rectangular in shape. They later started having semi-circular tops. The Indian styled doors are often fashioned in the Gujrati way. They feature huge brass knobs and studs. The accessories were initially used to deter elephants in India.


3. House of Wonders

House of Wonders - Zanzibar

In the stone town, one comes across the house of wonders. The destination has an exciting bit of history associated with it. It once used to be called the Beit-el-Ajaib. It then became the very first building at the island to have an electrical lift along with electrical lights.

The pathways over here lead to an exquisite seafront. One can access the harbor with ease. Close to the house of wonders is the Old Fort, which is another prime attraction at the Stone Town.


4. Enjoy your dinner at Forodhani Gardens

Forodhani Gardens - Zanzibar

Towards the end of the day, you must be getting in the vicinity of Forodhani Gardens. Over here, one has a choice at enjoying a delicious meal, right next to the evening seafront market.

The cool sea crowd is sure to astound, and the people have a substantial bit of energy over here. The sun setting right behind the harbor walls and the bright blue waters is a memorable sight.

The spot is essentially well recognized for its exquisite food. Zanzibari pizza is a much-preferred item. Sugarcane juice is another much preferred local delicacy. Urujo is a Zanzibari soup that must be tried. They serve it with a boiled egg on the top.

When one visits the stone town, it is easy to figure out why the destination has been selected as a UNESCO world heritage site. The cultural fusion and undisputable harmony that is found at the destination is difficult to figure out at other places.

It is best that when at the destination, women keep their shoulders and knees covered. Wearing a hat saves you from the heat and sunscreen is recommended. One is likely to lose his way, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. When shopping and enjoying street food, it is best to pay by cash.


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