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Enjoy boat trips

Enjoy boat trips - Zante

Boat trips are probably the most famous activity in Zante, as people of all ages can participate and enjoy equally. Options vary and can satisfy even the most high-end needs. Travelers can choose from adventurous and adrenaline-boosting as well as from relaxing and rejuvenating boat trips depending on their interests. In addition, a boat trip can also be private for those who wish to enjoy a more exclusive experience away from the crowds. Among the most popular boat trips, there are two of them that can be characterized as must options. The first of them is the one that takes visitors towards Navagio Beach and the Blue Caves. Navagio is Zante’s most notable and popular attraction sight and every year thousands of travelers visit the beach which happens to be one of the most photographed in the Mediterranean. The second boat trip is the one that takes visitors towards Keri Caves and Marathonisi. There, visitors can observe the turtles’ protected area and admire the emerald waters of the sea.


Sightseeing with a train

Sightseeing with a train - Zante

This alternative sightseeing experience is one of the most preferable, fun and family-friendly activities. The train offers a guided tour to the most notable sights and landmarks of the Island in a more entertaining and pleasant way. The train starts from the capital town of Zante and takes visitors towards Bohali hill, the Solomos monument, the castle, and the Strains hill. Except for this route, there is another train that takes visitors towards the countryside and the surrounding villages to admire the beauty of nature and explore some notable sights such as the churches and folklore museums.


Water sports

water sports - Zante

Holidays in Zante are all about enjoying the irresistible combination of sea and sun. Therefore, one of the greatest ways to enjoy both is to join some water sports activities. There is a great variety of options, ranging from relaxing to more exciting and adrenaline-boosting ones, depending on your interests and mood. It has to be noted that, not all of the beaches in Zante are available for such activities as many of them are part of the National Marine Park. Among the top locations that are ideal for water sports are Alykanas beach, Kalamaki beach, Tsilivi beach, and Banana beach. There, travelers can enjoy various water sports such as canoeing, Jet Ski, windsurfing and paragliding.


Scuba diving

scuba diving - Zante

The impeccable beauty of Zante is not only found in the beaches, but also in the bottom of the sea and the best available option to explore and admire the beauty is by enjoying a scuba diving session. In fact, scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in the Island due to the existence of multiple diving centers and diving spots. Unquestionably, the best spot to dive is the Keri Caves and Marathonisi as the beauty of the underwater world thrills and magnetize divers. Experienced scuba diving professional provides all the necessary information enabling a smooth and pleasurable experience for all. It has to be noted that scuba diving is an activity that can be characterized as children-friendly.


Hands-on experiences

Hands-on experiences - Zante

The list with the most popular activities in Zante also includes hands-on experiences. These activities are the most interactive, fun and exciting way to get engaged with the local culture, the tradition and the locals’ lifestyle. Travelers in Zakynthos can choose from a variety of experiences that include, among others, cooking lessons, wine tasting, farming, and fishing. There are some experiences that offer travelers the opportunity to observe olive oil production and learn some interesting facts about the so-called “liquid gold”. In addition, for the wine lovers, there are experiences allowing visitors to participate in the grape pressing. However, the most exciting and fun experience is to participate in a cooking lesson. During this activity, participants have the opportunity to learn how to cook mouth-watering Greek recipes in a friendly setting. Information about the healthy Mediterranean diet and the culinary tradition of the Island are also given. At the end of every cooking lesson, participants gather around the table with the locals and enjoy the meal that they prepared.


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