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Take a Dip In Onsen

Go To A Sumo Wrestling Show - Japan

Enjoy some of Japan’s natural hot springs that are known to purify and cleanse people. Japan has several hot springs as they come hand in hand with volcanoes.

Kusatsu Onsen sits 1,200 m above sea level and it is known by many to have healing powers. The waters of Mount Kusatsu-Shirane fill the hot spring with fresh clean water. The warm water relieves stress and helps your body relax as you soak in it.

Shiba Onsen is very popular. You can often find monkeys bathing in the hot waters. Shiba Onsen also has several bathhouses, each one is purposed to purify a different illness.


Go To A Sumo Wrestling Show

Visit Mount Fuji - Japan

Sumo wrestling in Japan is a cultural experience. It is an ancient sport that has been a favorite of many Japanese people for years. The most exciting event to go to is Basho, which is a sumo wrestling tournament. You could also visit a sumo gym for the chance to see the wrestlers practice and train. Many wrestlers wake up at the break of dawn to start training, so there are lots of opportunities throughout the day to stop in and watch them for a few minutes. Since it is such a large part of the culture, we highly recommend fitting it into your travel plans.


Visit Mount Fuji

Check Out A Temple Or Shrine - Japan

The highest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji. It is one of the most photographed spots in Japan. This old volcano is visible to Yokohama and Tokyo when the sky is clear. You can take a tour around the area, go for a nature walk at the park or take a train that goes from Tokyo to Osaka. Try to plan your visit for a clear day so you can fully enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji.


Check Out A Temple Or Shrine

Go To A Festival - Japan

The Meiji Jingu Shrine is located right in the center of Tokyo. Although it is surrounded by tall buildings and the city noise, the shrine sits inside a forest of huge trees. The architecture of the shrine is fascinating and inside you will find many exhibits holding belongings of an Empress and Emperor.

The Kyomizu-dera Temple, which is located in Koyoto, is one of the best temples to visit in Japan. The name translates into “Pure Water Temple” and it was named this due to the site the temple was built on, the Otowa Waterfalls. Many people travel to the temple to walk out on its huge outdoor patio. The view is absolutely stunning as you look down to Koyoto. The temple is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Go To A Festival

Summer festivals, known as Matsuri, are a traditional celebration. One of the best things to do during the summer in Japan is to attend a Matsuri.

Kanto Festival has been around for 280 years and it is part of the traditional Japanese culture. The event is held to pray for a good harvest. Lanterns are carried around the city of Akita Prefecture during the day time and the night time during the festival, lighting the way for everyone.

Hanagasa Festival, held in Tohoku, has a huge parade that goes through the city. The parade features female dancers who hold hats known as “Hanagasa”.

Nebuta Festival is one of the most dynamic, and largest festivals in Japan. It is located in Aomori Prefecture and there are many events you can attend. The last night of the festival there is a breathtaking firework show, and on the other nights, there is a parade with many floats.


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